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Before you begin, try to understand from whose point of view you will write. Either you can choose a character from your story to narrate the story, or you as the author can also be the story's narrator.

Take a moment to think about the best story you have ever read that held your breath and made you admire the author. Yes, that is the story you will learn from the most. Now, do you think that one great story or piece of writing that moved you was written overnight or in a day? Of course not. It takes years for a person to master the art of writing, especially when it is creative writing. But with a few simple techniques, according to PlanetSpark, you can become a better and more expert writer in the genre of your choice.

Take Your Time to Explore

Don't rush with your ideas. Take your time to explore different angles to write the masterpiece you are so excited about. Read as much as you can and capture different words and the vocabulary you can use while writing the story. This will help you discover other ways to begin every chapter. Planet Spark recommends you make reading a daily habit to learn more. It is also essential to focus on your grammatical skills before starting creative writing from PlanetSpark.

Use Your Own Experience

It is rightly said, 'write what you know', which is the most absolute thing to follow for a writer at the beginner level. With time your imaginative skills may start to spark. But as a beginner, you should focus on what you know as per Planet Spark Reviews. Write about things and experiences from a personal point of view. Make a story or a plot around what you have experienced firsthand. This will allow you to practice your creative writing skills with Planet Spark and understand how you can form a comprehension around an experience.

Later on, you can use imaginative storylines to write in your own words after completing the creative writing course from Planet Spark.

Choose a Point of View Before You Begin

Before you begin, try to understand from whose point of view you will write. Either you can choose a character from your story to narrate the story, or you as the author can also be the story's narrator. You can also convey the story from a side character point of view as the third party. All the ways of writing as per PlanetSpark Reviews are exciting and engaging for the audience. Choose one that suits your writing style the most and is likable for you.

Start by Developing the Characters

PlanetSpark recommends beginning your story development by first focusing on the characters. Once you have developed the various charters of your story and added their different characteristics, it will be easy for you to create a storyline around them. This should be your primary step in designing the outline of your story as per Planet Spark.

Know Your Audience

Depending on who you are trying to address, the use of words and the plot should be designed. The more knowledgeable audience can be addressed with complex terms, rich vocabulary, and a complicated plot. But an audience that may not understand such plots should be handled with simple words, a basic plot, and layman language as per PlanetSpark Reviews.

Play With Time

Since you are going to write a whole story, don't rush with the plot in the introductory phases of the story; stretch it as much as you can without making it dull. Planet Spark Reviews suggests that you should not disclose the story's main plot in the first few chapters of the story. If it is a short story, then, of course, you need to keep it crisp. But for novel writers or book writers, keep it as lengthy as you can but without making it repetitive and boring.

Avoid using filler words and buzz words to fill the spaces. Keeping it lengthy does not imply that you have to simply add more words to make it long. Make sure the content is engaging and valid. Unnecessary words and sentences should be avoided at all costs.

End the Chapter at an Interesting Note

If you want your writer to continue to the next chapter, you have to leave the end of the previous chapter so that it sounds interesting and intriguing. Then only the reader will continue reading the next chapter. This is what Planet Spark recommends.

Revise as Many Times as You Can

The central part of story writing begins after you have written the story because then you have to decide if the story is well written or not. So, it is always important to revise your content as many times as possible. One of the ways to revise your content is to get it read by other people around you. You can take help from a friend or a relative. It is, however, advisable by Planet Spark that you take help from a professional writer because they will have more knowledge than any other person and will be able to provide you helpful guidance on how you can improve.

Join a Writing Class to Learn More at Planet Spark

The best way to polish your skills is by joining a creative writing course with Planet Spark. As per the PlanetSpark Reviews, many aspiring writers have benefitted from the creative writing course because that course helps ignite your imaginative skills and teaches you innovative and interesting methods on how you can become a better writer over time with daily sessions. You can be a part of one-on-one interactive sessions with a highly qualified English language expert in writing who will teach you a lot of skills based on their experience to help you become a PRO at story writing and various other forms of writing as well.

So go ahead and enrol at Planet Spark. If you are still unsure, you can also take a demo session with PlanetSpark before deciding about the course. You can also check the details about the course HERE and then decide if it is a good option or not.
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