Fiction Author Patricia M. Muhammad Debuts Existence Parallel: Her New Science Fiction/Fantasy Novel

Posted December 27, 2022 by pmmuhammad

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — United States, 2022-December 27—/PR Free/ — Multi-genre fiction author Patricia M. Muhammad discusses Existence Parallel, her new science fiction/fantasy novel release for 2022.

Imagine living in an unknown kingdom-world where you live on one side of an eternal veil. However, the Transparency is not seen. Maybe you would assume then that you can see through to the other side. Perhaps if you tried some practice you weren’t supposed to, you could. The piercing of this veil from the Kingdom of Neuphae, the Seen into the Kingdom of Uenphae, the Unseen could only be had by those whom one chooses. The circumstances of how this story begins, however, is a little bit different. A daughter of a king, Princess Valera, lives int he Kingdom of Neuphae, where the Dual Thrones have long existed. She ventures from the palace grounds, but not too far off. She hears a voice. It is not familiar, but perhaps it should be. He is, after all, the son of King Haiverlym and King Lidura. They too sit as part of the Neuphaen monarchy. The Seen and the Unseen are complements to each other, but re not necessarily dependent upon one another. Yet between these two kingdom-worlds there is a tangible aspect to the creation on either side. On the side of Uenphae, Neuphaens who are banished from the Kingdom of the Manifest. They were of the physical worlds and entered into the Hidden, yet remained in their tangible form even on the other side. Yet to be concealed does not mean to be of one’s true form, the material. As they are settled, there in Uenphae as a result of war, the original inhabiteds of this kingdom-world fall further into the shadows. At one point, some refer to where they hid for safety as the Twice Veiled. The Neuphaens, however, do not desire to harm him. Those Uenphaen that remain outside of the hiding shadows actually taught their visitors some of the traditions of the Unseen.

Princess Valera, the daughter of the king reaches out against the veil with her hand flat against what she cannot see. Prince Rhyselīan can sense her. He invites her. She is able to see and enter through the universal transparency. The princess becomes overwhelmed. Valera faints. Rhyselīan presents Valera to the ruling family on that side who are not he descendants of Uenphae. He returns her to Neuphae, only for them to visit with each other again. Rhyselīan has a settled home there. The issue of the universal transparency and the prince’s and princess’ purification becomes at the fore. A restoration must be made. She is introduced to the Mystic Bloom which become Rhyselīan ’s and Valera’s primary transport. They also have the Golden Hood and a few other surprises within both that will help them furhter along their path. Seen or Unseen, a reconciliation must be made by the Seen, but first Rhyselīan ’s and Valera’s destinies must be made whole. Will the two kingdom-worlds of the Seen and Unseen have the same done for it?

Existence Parallel is Book One of The Existence Parallel Series. Existence Parallel. This is a new book release for 2022 and is currently on sale as an ebook from these online retailers:

Barnes & Noble: 2940185569818
Smashwords: 9781005521301
DriveThru Fiction: N/A
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About the Author: Patricia M. Muhammad is an multi-genre fiction author featuring science-fiction/fantasy, fantasy, contemporary romance crossover, historical romance, mystery/detective romance, and magical realism genres. She has currently written 27 novels.

Connect with Patricia:
Social Media: @pmmuhammadbooks
Press: [email protected]
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