Patricia M. Muhammad Discusses Her Science Fiction/Fantasy Novel: The Coruscated Throne

Posted December 27, 2022 by pmmuhammad

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — United States, 2022-December 27—/PR Free/ — Patricia M. Muhammad announces The Coruscated Throne now on sale.

Dragons have long been a staple in Western folklore. With flapping wings, sharp teeth, sometimes with more than one row and often with large bellies, we have seen them depicted on screen able to balance themselves suspended in the air. They breathe fire, sometimes just to display anger. Other times as a display their main ammunition to destroy their enemies. They fly often times without passenger, sometimes untamed, but usually looked upon with awe by the humans at ground level. Their depiction takes the viewer into a new world where heights do not appear limiting. The authors’ description allows us to near these grand beasts, to feel their warmth, to slide our fingers across their scales or even to confront our fear of ever encountering one. Then we as film watchers and fiction readers recall what we have experienced thus far. Puff the Magic Dragon was friendly enough, inviting youth into his arena by the nonturbulent sea. Then we learned that some are born from eggs, perhaps magical eggs, but large enough that they require special care and attention to cultivate their majestic births. Then through time we have become reacquainted with another sort of dragon. Their wings may not be as big though their bodies are still grand. Some argue that they represent people’s personalities. Other observers claim they we the vices reflected within ourselves that we have yet to tame and master. They can submit upon the appropriate training. Some of these dragons can even become our friends. They will show as much loyalty to us as much as they detect our sincerity towards them. Then there is probably the most intimidating, surprising, and most popular iteration of dragons. The graphics are clear. Their eyes are slit with upper and lower lids. They are very protective of those who have mastered them. They are rare, just as the blood of the descendants who are destined to be their commanders. Their teeth are still harrowing. They alone, enough to devour any weak flesh that stands before them. As powerful as they are susceptible to attack and injury. And now you have yet another dragon to be acquainted with—Oein. A harmless sounding name for a dragon as powerful as he. This majestic creature does not have scales. His body is large, but one cannot even say that he has skin. Oein is a glass like dragon. No one, however, can see the internal workings of his anatomy. Sometimes he has an additional guide, but most he is directed and steered by alighted reins held by his masters, Prince Thauses and Princess Nuraī. They are on a mission to protect the Kingdom of Udharīa from its latest threat, Prince Aueneiss. While they pursue to apprehend him, two other people, by the names Euphranai and Aeteshara pose a new threat as well. The princess and the prince can only address one attack at a time. Meanwhile, Queen Raī and King Vhilum must recover from the injuries they sustained from using their royal crowns to quell a rebellion in the dungeons. As Nuraī and Thauses subdue Aueneiss, a battle with the use of the light of stars is demanded. Stars are wht ehlp heal the Udharīan king and queen ovr time. The light of stars re what help cleanse Aeteshara as a spare chance for redemption to the attenuation of a tragic but justifiable death. Prince Thauses and Princess Nuraī primarily travel while secure in their mystical chariot harness by Oein. They command him. He witnesses their triumphs. Oein will be their companion, their help and in their future, a pivotal part in the greatest epic battle known throughout the tangible kingdom-worlds.

The Coruscated Throne is Book Two in The Consecrated Throne Series. The Consecrated Throne Series is one of three duologies that are prelude series to the yet to be published, The Alchemic Kingdoms Series. Get your copy of The Coruscated Throne from these online retailers:

Barnes & Noble: 2940186721116
Smashwords: 9781005318192
DriveThru Fiction: N/A
Lulu: N/A

About the Author: Patricia M. Muhammad is an multi-genre fiction author who has currently written 27 novels. She writes in the science-fiction/fantasy, fantasy, contemporary romance crossover, historical romance, mystery/detective romance, and magical realism genres. She enjoys traveling and living abroad

Connect with Patricia:

Twitter: @pmmuhammadbooks
Social Media: @pmmuhammadbooks
Press: [email protected]
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