Technology behind converting waste plastic into fuel oil

Posted December 10, 2020 by pyrolyze

The pyrolysis plant is a machine converts mainly waste plastic/tyre to fuel oil. The principle of the pyrolysis plant is - when the raw material waste tyre/plastic heated in the reactor then raw material will generate some oil gas.

The raw material is waste plastic or waste tyre. The raw material will be heated in a reactor. When the waste motor oil gas goes into the condenser, the oil gas will be condensed into liquid oil. During the process the pyrolysis plant is very energy. The oil gas which cannot be condensed will be recycled to the burner to heat the reactor. So, just little energy is required to run the pyrolysis plant. The final product of the pyrolysis plant is mainly fuel oil, carbon black and signal gas. The pyrolysis plant is a renewable and environmental equipment deals with the waste.

Pyrolysis is a thermo chemical decomposition of organic material at elevated temperatures in the absence of oxygen. Pyrolysis is the heating of an organic material, such as biomass or waste engine oil, in the absence of oxygen. Because no oxygen is present the material does not combust but the chemical compounds that make up that material thermally decompose into combustible gases and charcoal. Most of these combustible gases can be condensed into combustible liquid, called pyrolysis oil.

Pyrolysis oil is the end product of waste tyre and plastic pyrolysis, the oil is wide used as industrial fuel to substitute furnace oil or industrial diesel. Small pyrolysis plant has typical industrial applications of pyrolysis oil as a fuel, the fuel oil is mainly used in machine do not require high quality fuel oil.

The end product of pyrolysis plant of Pyrolyze is fuel oil, carbon black, and oil gas. The raw material such as waste plastic/tyre will be heated in reactor, then the waste tyre/plastic will vaporize, the vaporize oil gas will go into condenser and condensed into liquid fuel oil. The fuel oil is a good energy. This system will deal with the waste perfectly, just little energy is required to heat the energy, the oil gas which cannot be condensed will be recycled back to heat reactor. Thus, it will save much energy.

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