Foldable utility/camping cart - a Single Cart with Multiple Usages

Posted November 5, 2019 by samueljohnson

A multiple usage product is always the most needed and most purchased one in the market. Anything which has simplified structure and varies options to be made use of it grabs the attention of many


A multiple usage product is always the most needed and most purchased one in the market. Anything which has simplified structure and varies options to be made use of it grabs the attention of many. One such type of cart is foldable carts. Laksi Cart was always in a quest about thinking how we can insert modernity in these tool carts and how we can simplify the efforts of the human being in a very simple and normal way.

With these thoughts in mind, Laksi carts manufacture these foldable carts, which can be utilized to carry some products or it can be used at your camping area. Many of the products that we purchase daily have one or two use after that it sleeps in the corner of a room, mostly occupying a huge space. But this foldable cart is definitely not such a thing that cannot be utilized in any situation. It is one of the most needed products in your living room.

Foldable utility/camping cart

As the name itself says that these carts have the ability to be folded, which is made of aluminum and it is very light in weight of 30lbs.The dimension of the cart is 20.000” x 30.000”x 38.000” (Height from the floor. When the cart is folded 20.000”x 30.000”x 10.000” (Height from the floor) is its dimension. It has some holes on the top tray to store your drink and these holes can be adjusted to suit any bottle size. When it is not in use, it can be folded and easily stored at the back of your car. Hard rubber castors (2 swivels with brake and 2 rigid) were used to handle the cart smoothly on all kinds of surfaces. This cart has the dual advantage it can be used as both utility and camping cart.

Places where it is utilized

Foldable utility/camping cart is the fast-moving and the most needed cart in the market. It can be utilized in varieties of places and we have listed a few in this blog below

Picnic Partner
Foldable utility or camping cart is really a perfect partner for your picnic spot. It fits in your car Dekho, you have 2 rows of trays in which you can store your consumables and there is a separate place for keeping your drink safely. Without any panic and mess, you can easily carry your essentials to the picnic spot. It would be very useful to carry all those things in a single cart at your picnic spot either it can be a park or scenery view or even fishing this cart is your perfect partner to enjoy your vacation.

Simplify Shopping
It’s a great discomfort for those who need to carry heavy shopping bags either in the streets or from their lobby to home or even carefully taking the goods in the lift. It's a hectic task and sometimes it might lead to a great mess, it is common for both men and women. This foldable utility cart is a gift to everyone you struggle with their shopping bags, you can use it for shopping n one place and you can use it again at another place, it is very comfortable to carry your groceries from your car parking into your house. Even you can set some products in the cart and it can be utilized for further use at the same place where it is placed in the house. The product is very light in weight, anybody can carry it easily.

Elegant party handling
If you are organizing an outdoor party or a party at your launch or a small get together at your home, these carts are the most needed one. Due to the castors used in the product, it can be utilized at any floor type. It gives smooth handling at the rough floor surfaces, handles were provided for easy direction guiding. They have separate places to carry your food and drink. Once the party is over it is very easy for the people who have organized the party to clean the area with minimal effects. Once the party is over until its usage it can be folded and kept in a place. It occupies only a small storage place.


• As it is manufactured using aluminium it is very light in weight and easy to carry from one place to another.
• These are foldable, can easily occupy your car Dekho for easy transporting.
• If you wish to store in your home, it occupies a very less amount of safe.
• You can carry your shopping goods or any other materials from one place to another very easily.
• The cart has castors for mobility, so it is very easy to troll even in the hard environment.
• Easily return back your empty party bottles without any mess

Laksi carts Inc manufactures these kinds of carts in order to carry their essentials, empty bottles without any mess. The foldable utility cart is the most need one everywhere. Laksi carts mainly focus on their customer’s requirements and make them upgraded to produce the product to make the life of the customers hassle-free. We are open to our customer queries and we even can customize your design and give your design or idea we are here to help you to make it as a live model using our skill. Contact us to know more about what we do.

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