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Saras Analytics or is a multi-national software firm that helps in delivering data science and analytics to global businesses. The main tool used by the company is called Daton which is software for data warehousing.

Saras Analytics or is a software company that strives to make data science and analytics accessible to all companies, especially for SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses). This is done through tools like Daton, Halo, Analytics Solutions, and Business Intelligence services.

Daton is the data replication superstar. Using this tool, one can consolidate enterprise data into a data warehouse and be ready for analytics within minutes. By unleashing Daton, one can unlock any opportunity.

Data warehouses have been the foundation of enterprise analytics and reporting since decades. Daton enables every business to own data of their very own. One can accelerate one’s journey by using ML (Machine Learning).

A consolidated data warehouse empowered by Daton provides data scientists and data analysts the access they require to build and operationalize ML models for solving complicated business issues. Using Daton’s no-code interface, data scientists of Saras can easily establish data pipelines for streaming data from various applications, endpoints, and databases within the data warehouse and begin model development quicker than ever.

Public clouds have made data warehousing accessible to all companies who are disposed to take the initiative. Saras has made the process a cakewalk for moving data into such data warehouses.

There is no need for coding in order to use Daton. It is designed for data engineers and analysts to avoid tasks of data engineering and concentrate on delivering useful insights to companies. Complete transparency helps to avoid confusion and complication. This provides one visibility to every job and the work which was conducted by every replication job.

Daton is also low maintenance, wherein one can leave the heavy lifting of pipeline maintenance to them and rest assured that all one’s jobs of replication are cared for. Daton offers a guarantee for data consistency such that there is no loss of data. It auto-recovers from all errors and notifies one when input is required.

Saras helps simplify reporting and analytics, and its reporting solutions are top class. The relentless passion of the company to enhance conversion rates for their clients makes them validate hundreds of hypotheses across different verticals.

Because of such endeavours, they tend to produce lots of insights and queries, which they automate and make available to customers at a fraction of the effort and time taken normally to construct such reports. This results in the incubation of their reporting solutions.

Saras helps monitor user behaviour across websites. It generates reports for tracking important components of the website, such as performance of check-out, search, navigation, banner, and many more. It delivers marketing analytics through reports to boost ROI (Return on Investment) from investment such as automated Return of Ad Spend (ROAS), Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) etc.

Saras also delivers Customer Analytics. These include reports to aid marketers in driving retention of customers and enhance Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV), loyal customers etc.

There are reports to reveal the performance of merchandising and sales. Sales performance is tracked against business targets such as product segmentation on the basis of attributes, sales, and several other dimensions.

Then there are reports of operational performance. Such reports help in enhancing the efficiency of operations and the satisfaction of customers. These include reports of inventory turnover and KPIs’ after purchase that impact the business.

Analysis of LTV (Lifetime Value) offers insight into the expected average LTV of the consumer with a particular feature and at a certain stage of the lifecycle of the customer. When one identifies the attributes linked to the most valuable customers, it can help marketing teams to drive targeted campaigns of marketing for generating higher ROI and reduced rate of churn. The churn rate is the rate at which customers stop doing business with a firm.

Saras helps in predicting churn. It is critical for a business to retain current and old customers since attracting new ones is a tough job. Saras team helps one know the leading signs of churn and put strategies to combat it.

Saras helps in market segmentation. It has become tough for marketers to capture the attention of customers as they are continually bombarded with messages, e-mails, ads, and many more. They ensure that messaging by customers is bang on target every time.

Sales forecasting is a crucial aspect of all businesses. It impacts marketing planning, operations planning, budgeting, financial planning, sales deployment etc. Because sales forecasting has long-reaching effects, it is vital that information for forecast is as authentic and correct as possible.

Getting right the levels of one’s inventory saves one from much expenses down the road. Analysis of past demand and keeping it in the context of the current environment of business is an excellent way to understand the maintenance of optimal inventory levels. Saras helps in such optimization of inventory.

Finally, Saras helps in modelling the media mix. Knowing the importance of marketing across multiple channels is a critical step in designing and upgrading strategies of marketing. Because of the complications involved and the skills needed to conduct this task, many businesses fight shy of the same. But Saras offers this service to all clients.

Saras Analytics takes its name from the Sanskrit word for ‘Crane’. Like the crane, it features qualities like adaptability, flexibility, and strength. Just as the name suggests, they set lofty targets and work hard as a team to accomplish the same. They operate across borders and are flexible and nimble to accomplish their goal of customer success and satisfaction.

They have designed solutions and products which are easy to use and subscribe. The latter are available as subscriptions or for one-time use. Their services and products are supported by a talented team of customer service reps, data scientists, and data analysts.
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