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avk solar panel – provides Solar Panels in Ambala Haryana and Kurukshetra Haryana at affordable cost. We are the best solar panel manufacturer in India. Contact avk solar for a free quote!

Integrated Solar Solutions
We integrate different types of renewable energy sources, such as solar thermal flat type collectors, solar photovoltaic panels, concentric solar collectors to save electricity and fuel.Avk solar® help our customers to utilize solar energy to the maximum in all possible ways to save electricity and fuel. For instance, we integrate concentric solar collectors to gas boiler systems to generate steam from solar energy there to save considerable amount of fuel.
If you are a hotel owner or have an industrial facility where gas or electrical boilers are used to produce hot water or steam for your process, feel free to contact us, we will provide best solar engineering solutions to save your electricity or fuel.
Solar Panels Installation
The most common location for the installation of solar PV panels is the roof. Most roofs typically have the desired specifications for the installation, so that panels get the maximum sunlight. Nevertheless, if installation on the roof is not applicable or desired, the solar panels could also be mounted on the ground. You just need to make sure that there are no objects blocking access to the sun.
Solar Water Heating System
It is often said that there is magic in water to the extent of life saving potential. This magical transporter has revolutionized the way we can generate power and make use of hot water supply.
A solar water heating uses the sun’s rays to convert into heat for water heating using a solar thermal connector. They are designed to heat water even in colder climates. Very simplistic in design and a self-controlling capability enables the ease of usage.
What are the parts of a Solar Water Heating System
It comprises of the following 6 major components:
Solar Collector - Flat-plate collector (FPC), evacuated tube, parabolic dish/concentrating collectors
Storage tank - One-tank system with back-up heating element, two-tank system (in which solar hot water storage is connected to a conventional gas or electric water heater)
Auxiliary heaters - like gas electric
Pumps or fans - An electric pump (powered by your ordinary electricity supply or by a solar-electric (photovoltaic) cell on the roof keeps the water moving through the circuit between the collector and the water tank.

Heat Pumps
A refrigerator is able to cool items by absorbing heat from them and sending it outside, on the other hand a heat pump does the exact opposite. It takes heat from outside and uses it to heat the water. In this manner, it is able to transfer heat instead of initiating it. In general, a heat pump can deliver hot water 4-5 times more efficiently than regular water heaters.
Heat pump pulls warmth from the air
Warm air is compressed thereby increasing the temperature
Condenser coils transfer heat to the water.

Solar Lighting System
This green efficient long life LED light is a global development in the urbanization. This automatic switch on and off solar lighting systems find uses in several applications which include outdoor lighting, emergency lighting, backyard lighting, street lighting, traffic signal lighting and pavement lighting
SPV Module Manufacturers
In order to provide synergy from individual cells and generate a higher output, a collection of solar cells is combined to form a system provide output.
Series collection of multiple solar cells generates the requisite power needed to light up appliances. One solar module can be rated from 3 watts to 300 watts. The solar modules or PV modules are essentially the basic building block of a solar electric power generation system.
A single solar cell generates around 0.1 to 0.3 W. Hence such small cells are connected together to provide a feasible solar unit which is called solar module or PV module.
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