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Our basis quality control for boron nitride ceramic is meeting the specifications and drawings of our customers.We use many ways and equipment to inspect for products.

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we are represent considerable authority in the creation of boron nitride based high temperature composite materials, the utilization of homegrown progressed vacuum hot squeezing heater gear, high item immaculateness, excellent stability,long administration life, can meet the various requirements of clients.
The organization's boron nitride artistic is broadly utilized in formless strip splash framework, polycrystalline silicon ingot heater cathode protected, metal powder with the shower spout, uncommon composite purifying temperature assurance tube, headstrong metal and inorganic salt purging gem blend cauldron, high recurrence high voltage electric heater anode security, plasma bend insurance and different enterprises.
Our objective is furnish the best BN earthenware production with best help and great conveyance time that meet client necessities
boron nitride artistic
boron nitride is regularly alluded to as "white graphite" since it is a lubricious material with a similar platy hexagonal design as carbon graphite. In contrast to graphite, BN earthenware is an excellent electrical separator. boron nitride ceramic offers exceptionally high warm conductivity and great warm shock opposition. BN earthenware production is steady in idle and diminishing environments up to 2000°C, and in oxidizing airs to 850°C.
boron nitride spout
Powder metallurgy powder, welding material processing, atomization boron nitride spout let atomization medium get the high energy
what's more, high velocity, is one of the vital parts for the steadiness of atomization process,good execution BN clay spout need
meet the accompanying prerequisites:
(1) the atomization medium can be acquired however much as could be expected the power source speed and the necessary energy;
(2)ensure that the atomization medium and composite fluid stream have the most sensible infusion point;
(3) combination fluid stream to create the most extreme choppiness;
(4) the work steadiness is acceptable, the splash opening isn't not difficult to hinder;
(5) simple to fabricate.
bn earthenware
Boron nitride earthenware displays a hexagonal design and is once in a while known as white graphite, because of BN clay lubricity, anisotropic properties, heat opposition, and high warm conductivity. This last property, joined with a low warm development, prompts phenomenal protection from warm shock. Hot squeezed BN pottery can be utilized at extremely high-temperatures.Custom boron nitride fired is as indicated by your prerequisite.
boron nitride pot
Boron nitride has high hotness opposition, low warm extension coefficient, great warm shock obstruction and great erosion
obstruction, soBoron Nitride Crucible it tends to be utilized as a cauldron for softening metal and inorganic salt.Using hot squeezing innovation, BN materials can be handled into different determinations of pot and different holders, which can be generally utilized in refining dissipated metal pot, boat dish, siphon parts, cast steel shape and manufactured GaAs gem pot, etc..Boron nitride fired pot for liquefying aluminum, zinc and other combination purifying, rather than graphite crucible.Characteristic for Boron nitride ceramic pots is as per the following.
1 stable substance execution, and isn't response with the dissolving metal,improve the virtue of composite;
2 great oxidation opposition, higher around 400-500 degrees than graphite materials, up to 900 degrees;
3 assistance life is significantly longer than different materials.
boron nitride
There are three grades of boron nitride in the strong structure, yet every one of them has various qualities
This was then called gingsongite. In the chromium rocks, they showed up in scattered micron measured considerations. At long last, in 2013, the International Mineralogical Association affirmed the mineral and gave it the name.
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