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The campaign Visit Nepal 2020 was launched to influence the tourists to come for their holiday in Nepal.

The mountain kingdom has exceptional history but both of its neighbors China and India have a long history of being dominated by foreign rulers since the late medieval times, of never being dominated by a foreign ruler or imperialist power. This variable has contributed to the preservation of their originality of this century-old Himalayan and Tibetan heritage and culture in the nation. But apart from this beauty that is unparalleled Nepal has to offer you. The best time to visit Nepal( is in the month of October and November.
Nepal has a distinct culture that has been formed in isolation of the world and you have to visit Nepal to experience it. The Buddhist and Hindu religions have their own set of practices and varied beliefs in Nepal as compared to China and India. Nepal tour has been popular but of Nepal Culture Tour is currently becoming a favorite among the tourists that never get tired of researching newer cultures and lifestyles of those people around the world.
The Nepalese history is filled with fables and myths regarding Brave kings, magic and politics. The royal past of the Nation could be witnessed in Nepal's Capital: Kathmandu. The famous Pashupatinath temple provides an insight into the religious beliefs of those of Nepal that's an inseparable part of the culture and way of life.
Many individuals in the semi-rural and urban Nepal can still be seen wearing the traditional Nepalese costumes. Folk dances, various cultures, music, and cuisine of those individuals can be best experienced in these areas and also the tour packages will ensure that the visitors do miss a little bit of Nepal no matter where they go.
People on Nepal vacations are often spellbound by the richness of its architecture. Bronze figures and pottery offers a beautiful and very rich art of those people. In a country it mostly over 5000m above the sea level, such architectural marvels involve compliments together with the thought that Nepal was mostly isolated from the rest of the world before the modern era of background and had quite backward technology as compared to the western world.
Apart from the temples, monasteries and the historical monuments, tourists may also elect for the hiking tours which can last from several days to about a month. These tours are the best way. They will be able to talk about their lifestyles.
Kathmandu Durbar Square is another tourist place at which you must go whenever you're in Nepal. It seems like a competition was of placing as many temples and big museums in the smallest area possible. I would recommend taking a rickshaw (three-wheeler bike) and wander around the area. You are able to remain on the top of one of the temples and watch the actions of the busy city. If you want to go to Mount Everest, then you want to have a mountain flight to Lukla which is about 30-40 minutes from Kathmandu. Lukla is one of the most dangerous airports in the whole world.
Nepal is the country having great importance. Nepal is the country of "Gurkhas". Nepal is the only country on the planet. Though Gurkha soldiers lacked modern arms and ammunitions, Nepal's territory was protected by them from British colonization. Nepali people feel pleased to discuss their background. Three of the world heritage sites in Kathmandu valley; Kathmandu durbar Bhaktapur durbar square and Patan durbar square highlight the historical significance of Nepal. The Malla Kings assembled these durbars. History enthusiast tourists can visit these areas to understand more about the Nepalese history. In Nepal, vacationers can find out about the history related to Lichchhivi, Malla and Shah Dynasty. They can also see historical monuments, inscriptions, etc..Nepali people have been protecting their civilization for industrial purposes. Protecting the culture has been an income source for Tharu community individuals. They've been earning handsome amount for serving their cuisine for those tourists and revealing their cultural dances. Most of the vacationers visiting Chitwan often don't miss seeing Tharu shows and ingesting Tharu cuisine.
Nepal is the tourist destination for its tourists that are spiritual. Nepal is the birthplace of Gautam Buddha. Gautam Buddha was born in Nepal in 6th century BC at Lumbini. In the same way, there is a belief among the Hindus that gods and deities lived in Nepal. It is also the birthplace of Sita (wife of Lord Ram). Pashupatinath is one of the Hindu temples all around the world. Around 1 million people visit Pashupatinath on the day of Shivaratri (believed to be the day Lord Shiva was born). Largely the pilgrims coming to Nepal are Hindus and Buddhists. Sri Lanka, Bhutan, China, Thailand, India, and many other tourists visit Nepal for pilgrimage purposes. This world Kumari's only Living Goddess is found in Nepal. Muktinath is the temple that's worshipped by both Hindu and Buddhists.
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