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freelance for music
If you own a camera and can take some reasonably good pictures, you definitely can make money as a freelance photographer. Simple equipment should produce pictures good enough to sell, but of course, if you own special accessories, use them!

freelance for music
The market for pictures is tremendous. It has been estimated that magazines and newspapers buy over 60 millions photos a year. Many freelancers make a good income selling their pictures to specialized markets, little known by the majority of people.

freelance for music
In outdoor photography for example, a lot depends on seeing a picture rather than on setting one up. Still, if you can't translate what you see onto film with good technical and compositional skills, your audience may not think that you see very much at all. So how do you get to the point where what you see is what you get on film? By exposing an awful lot of film and learning along the way.

Understanding the Industry
Photographers use their cameras and film to portray people, places, and events much as a writer uses words. Those who are skillful can capture the personality of individuals, animals or the mood of scenes on film. Photographers usually specialize in a particular type of photography, such as outdoor landscapes, wildlife, portrait, scientific, medical, engineering photography, etc.

freelance for music
Although their subject matter varies widely, many photographers use the same basic equipment. The most important tool being the camera. In addition to the skilled use of cameras and accessories, photographers must be able to compose their pictures with creativity and style.

Whatever there educational background, photographers must have good eyesight and color vision, artistic ability, and manual dexterity. They should be patient, accurate, and enjoy working with detail.

freelance for music
Salaried jobs for photographers are found for the most part in photographic or commercial studios. Other major employers include newspapers, magazines, advertising agencies, radio and television broadcasters, motion picture companies and government agencies.

Nearly half of all photographers and camera operators are self-employed, a much higher proportion than the average for all occupations. The majority of these are freelance photographers who do individual projects on a one-time-only or occasional basis for ad agencies or various publications. This is where you come in, when it comes to photography freelancing is wide open!
freelance for music

5 Steps to Success

1. Find a niche market that you're enthusiastic about.

2. Research a subject of interest not being covered or not being covered thoroughly enough.

3. Photograph the subject matter.

4. Prepare and submit photos to agencies.

5. Develop a portfolio for marketing

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