The Future of Cycling: Exploring Electric Hybrid Bikes

Posted November 7, 2023 by SpotCodes

Electric hybrid bikes are similar to regular hybrid bikes, but they have an electric motor that adds power to your pedaling action.

Electric hybrid bikes are similar to regular hybrid bikes, but they have an electric motor that adds power to your pedalling action. This can assist you in getting some exercise or moving around more quickly and comfortably. In this blog, we will explain the types of electric hybrid bikes and their frame styles.

1. What are the types of electric hybrid bikes?

Recreation and leisure:

These terms are quite broad, but they cover everything from bridleways and light off-road bikes to more traditional-looking shopper bikes. This banner covers everything, whether you need it for a short trip, out with the dog at the weekend, or on the back of the camper to take on vacation.

Commuter or Urban Bikes :

These bikes are intended to be hardworking, quick, efficient, light, and, most importantly, capable of carrying a load. Electric hybrid bikes are almost always equipped with rigid forks, slick tyres, mudguards, racks, and lights. They are primarily aimed at commuters who want to ride to work but must wear a suit or need access to changing facilities at work.

Because of the power of the electric motors, this style of bike can truly replace the car for shorter trips or public transportation. With a child's seat, a rack, and bags, you can load these bikes up and not feel a difference.

2. What are its frame styles?

Hybrid electric bikes can have rigid or suspension forks, semi-slick or knobbly tyres, and a much more relaxed riding position. It's worth noting that both of these bike disciplines will have a variety of frame styles.

Drop, Trapeze, or Slanted Top Tube :

Unlike Hybrid Bikes for Men, these are generally considered women-friendly framed bicycles and can usually be identified because they are advertised as such or have women-specific components installed. The batteries on these bikes will most likely be mounted on a rack in the back so that the stand-over height is not compromised.

Low, simple steps or steps through :

These bicycles will make cycling more accessible to more people because of the bikes' electric motors, so if you struggle to get on and off a traditional bike, the step-thru is ideal because you won't have to hoist your leg over a waist-high top bar.

Standard or straight-top tube :

Frames with straighter top tubes provide a sportier ride and are generally suited to taller riders. Because of the straight tube, materials do not need to be made more durable or hardened because the frame's natural design can provide rigidity. This means that frames can be designed to ride smoothly while maintaining the bike's stiffness.

How far can an electric hybrid bike take you?

The electric bike range is influenced by factors like terrain, undulation, assistance level, tyres, weight, and gear selection. Most motors can last a few hours on full power, and assistance can be adjusted based on the user's needs, ensuring sufficient range for their desired riding conditions.


Electric bikes offer numerous benefits, like reduced effort, faster travel, and lighter loads compared to traditional hybrid bikes. They cost less than £5 per year to run and are accessible to a wider range of people. Electric hybrid bikes, or Pedelecs, are classified as bicycles under UK law, meeting the same standards as traditional bicycles. However, they must meet additional laws while driving, such as being 14 or older, not exceeding 15.5mph or 25 km, and adhering to the Highway Code while riding. Overall, electric hybrid bikes are a promising option for a healthier lifestyle.

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