Super Quantum Optic Screens Take Center Stage

Posted March 1, 2022 by thetaglobal

Connected Wirelessly, Everything Is About To Change. Theta Global, AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and IBM Cloud Together Can Bring Super Quantum Technology To The World

Known as super hardware, Theta Global super quantum computing venues are connected by wireless power systems globally, as the Brookhaven National Laboratory has proven light alone can create matter and antimatter.

The Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) accelerator researchers projected two clouds of gold ions recently against each other, creating a phenomenon in which matter can be generated simply with light.

As physicists explore the forces and properties of matter and the early universe, this is a conversion of energetic light into matter, and consequential to E = mc^2, which states that energy and matter are interchangeable when light comes into play and that matter can be created through virtual photons.

To be sure that the copies of matter and antimatter particles were created using real photons, researchers performed analyzes of angular distribution patterns of each electron with respect to the positron homologue. “We also measured all the energy, mass distributions, and quantum numbers of the systems.” “They are consistent with the theoretical calculations for what would happen with real photons,” according to Daniel Brandenburg, a Brookhaven Lab researcher.

Light passing through magnetic fields in vacuums tends to bend, depending on the level of polarization of the same light.

Theta Global’s exclusive trapped ion super quantum hardware disrupts the global energy industry via wireless trapped ion super quantum hardware beginning with 5G wireless power systems.

It is Theta Global’s super quantum computing global network consisting of venues made up of super quantum computing systems and technologies utilizing quantum mechanics principles in every major global market.

Theta Global's quantum computing venues utilize quantum computers and new quantum optic screens culminating in multisensory user experiences (UX). The quantum optic screens are the centerpieces of neuromorphic engineering global quantum computing events. As Theta Global offers immersive, global media franchise content creation, including consultation to multinational technology companies, mass media telecommunications and entertainment conglomerates, and motion picture studios.

Theta Global’s partners are the world’s largest global stadium seating multiplexes.

And Theta Global offers technology mergers and acquisitions advisory services to these conglomerates, and the world’s leading investment banking firms.

Theta Global’s cloud computing, AI computer vision, immersive analytics, deep learning, machine learning, AI video perception services, and algorithms are applied to create user experiences distributed via cloud network infrastructure. Theta Global’s outside-of-the-home global entertainment network runs from a centralized hub and is managed OTT on digital screens in stadium seating multiplexes at scale. Theta Global’s cloud-based content management system includes workflow multi camera live streaming. Theta Global’s quantum computing venues utilize a cloud based wireless streaming technology infrastructure, and wireless power units at global stadium seating multiplexes. Theta Global offers wireless live streaming capability direct to stadium seating multiplexes simultaneously in every major global market.

Theta Global is a new type of high technology motion picture studio. They have developed several new product lines based on several new emerging technologies.

Theta Global’s research and development efforts have allowed them to conceptualize virtual photons and virtual reality flat at symmetric equilibrium via the use of highly advanced quantum dot, artificial atom quantum physics, light fields, photons, quanta of light bundles of energy for the energy industry via elements of quantum mechanics and quantum biology.

Theta Global is an American multinational technology company specializing in the novel advancement of emerging technologies including trapped ion quantum computers, nano energy, fractalgrids, Internet of things (IoT), nanoelectronics, supercapacitors, antiproton and antihydrogen storage systems, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, semantic web programming, and robotic process automation (RPA).

Theta Global is headquartered in Beverly Hills, with suites in San Francisco, Menlo Park, San Jose, New York, East Hampton, Princeton, Miami, Orlando, and Tampa.

With international suites in London, Paris, and Milan.
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