Precision Redefined: Navigating Cell Separation with TwinSpin Tubes

Posted November 24, 2023 by uberstrainerusa

TwinSpin tubes, an advanced cell separation technology that seamlessly blends precision pipetting with density gradient media.

TwinSpin tubes, an advanced cell separation technology that seamlessly blends precision pipetting with density gradient media, offering a cost-effective solution that goes beyond conventional centrifugation, presenting a promising paradigm shift in the field of cell isolation.

Cell separation, a critical process in various research and clinical applications, has witnessed significant advancements in recent times. Among the innovative solutions, TwinSpin tubes have emerged as a game-changer, offering a unique approach to cell separation that goes beyond conventional centrifugation methods. In this blog, we delve into the applications and advantages of TwinSpin tubes, shedding light on their potential impact on the field of cell separation.

Exploring TwinSpin Tubes

TwinSpin centrifugation tubes, a fusion of simplicity and efficiency, revolutionize the cell separation process. These tubes are ingeniously designed with a standard 15 ml outer tube and an inner tube featuring an open bottom submerged in Density Gradient Medium (DGM). The magic begins when diluted anti-coagulated blood or bone marrow is pipetted into the TwinSpin, creating a sample layer on top of the DGM within the inner tube.

During centrifugation, the DGM facilitates the separation of leukocytes, lymphocytes, and Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs) from unwanted erythrocytes and granulocytes. The result? An enriched inter-phase containing the target cells above the DGM. The ingenious design allows for the sedimentation of erythrocytes out of the inner tube at the bottom of the outer tube, simplifying the collection process.

Strainer Cascade in Action

One notable aspect of TwinSpin tubes is their compatibility with Density Gradient Media (DGM) tailored for specific applications. Leuko Spin, Lympho Spin, Lympho Spin 24+, and PLT Spin are some of the DGM options available, each catering to unique cell isolation requirements. The use of a strainer cascade ensures a precise separation of cells, offering flexibility and efficiency in various experimental setups.

Applications and Protocols

TwinSpin tubes are versatile, offering a protocol that seamlessly integrates with density gradient media. The process involves removing the transport stopper, filling in the sample material, spinning, and finally, collecting the enriched cells.

Advantages of TwinSpin tubes

The advantages of TwinSpin tubes extend beyond their innovative design. They boast the best Cost-Value-Ratio in the market, minimizing handling and cell stress. The elimination of shaky pipetting makes them ideal for applications requiring precision, especially when dealing with small cell counts. The tubes are customizable, allowing for pre-filling according to specific needs, further enhancing their utility.


TwinSpin tubes redefine the landscape of cell separation, offering a streamlined and efficient alternative to traditional centrifugation methods. The strainer cascade, coupled with the precision of pipetting, sets these tubes apart in terms of versatility and performance. As the field of cell separation continues to evolve, TwinSpin tubes, with their unique advantages and applications, stand as a testament to innovation in the pursuit of enhanced research and clinical outcomes. In the realm of cell separation, TwinSpin tubes mark a significant milestone, showcasing a promising future beyond centrifugation.

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