How to Repair Foggy Glass Windows

Posted August 8, 2021 by windowmedics12

Fortunately, professionals can help with foggy window repair Ottawa so you can live in a house with fully functioning windows that also look good.

What causes windows to fog up?

Most windows consist of more than one pane. Double or triple glazed windows have gas that is trapped between the panes and can be either argon or krypton. These gases are important in windows as they act as a barrier between indoor and outdoor air and keep the house insulated and warm. However, over time, the sealant around the glass panes can stop working to create leaks in these gases, which can also occur due to a process called a solar trap, and due to temperature fluctuations during the day. As a result, the air expands and contracts, causing moisture and dust to enter the windows, which can cause the windows to lose their insulation and also look very bad aesthetically.

1. Too much water - The sealant in windows is vulnerable to water buildup. You can check your windows after heavy rain or storm to see how the sealant is holding up. If it is just starting to break, you can get it redone, and your windows will remain the same.
2. Excessive heat and sunlight - This does not happen on regular summer days. However, prolonged heat and sun rays are known to deteriorate seals because of air expansion in summers.
3. Wear and tear with time - With time, the sealant becomes weaker and weaker, which leads to the leakage of air from the window panes. This means that the windows will be foggy and will not function properly either.

Fortunately, professionals can help with foggy window repair Ottawa so you can live in a house with fully functioning windows that also look good.

Can fogged windows be fixed?

Foggy windows can be fixed if they are still reparable. The condition is often not good enough for a foggy window repair Ottawa service to fix the window, and re-installing them is the only option left. Here are some other methods that you can be used to make the windows just as new:

1. New IGU unit - IGU stands for an Insulated Glass Unit. It is the component inside the window that is responsible for making the windows energy efficient. If the IGU fails, you might have to get a new one installed. It might not be as expensive as getting the whole window re-installed, but it is much more complicated. That’s why you need professional help from a foggy window repair Ottawa service. But this method will make your windows like new and their life will be increased for many more years to come.
2. Defogging process - If you have fogged windows but need an affordable solution, some methods can help you. You can get a defogging spray for your windows and spray it multiple times for the best results. You can also call professional window fixing services for the same to help you with the defogging.

Ways in which you can prevent window fog in your windows

Although windows have a certain life span and may not be functional beyond that, there are ways to extend the life span of the windows with some care and attention. If windows get foggy, there are not many solutions to the problem, and you can only have the windows re-installed. Therefore, it is best to keep the windows in shape.

Here are some ways to prevent fogging of windows:

1. Invest in energy-efficient windows - 25%-30% energy use in your house is via the windows in your home. If you get energy-efficient windows installed in your house, it will be much better for the longevity and energy efficiency in the windows.
2. Correct installation process - If the installation process of the windows is proper, you have little to worry about how durable the windows are going to be. The correct installation makes sure that the sealant is correctly in place and will not easily deteriorate.
3. Periodic inspection - To keep the windows in good shape, you must check them every couple of months to ensure there are no problems with the windows. If there is a problem in its initial stages, you can get it fixed with the help of a foggy window repair Ottawa services.
4. Well ventilate your house - To prevent the air and condensation from sticking to the windows panes, you can keep your house well ventilated. This will help the air circulation in the house, and the windows will be fog-free.
5. Dehumidify the windows - A dehumidifier is a device that vacuums out any moisture from in-between the window panes. This ensures that the moisture and dust do not remain in the window panes, and they look clearer.
6. Add extra protection - You can buy window film kits and use them on your windows to help with heat regulation in the windows. If the windows do not experience contrasting changes in the temperature, they are likely to last longer.


If you already have foggy windows and are looking for a solution, Window Medics, a foggy window repair Ottawa, can help. Window Medics offers a cost-effective solution for foggy windows.

Window Medics takes care of the entire maintenance of the windows. It is one of the largest thermal window restoration companies in the world and employs more than 200 technicians. The company has saved more than a million thermal panes that would otherwise have been replaced, resulting in significant savings for both the owner and the environment.


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