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Quad Secure is a pioneer in the field of AHD CCTV. We are experts in CCTV Camera Installation Service in Udaipur as well as all across Rajasthan.

AHD CCTV is an acronym for Analog High Definition. This is a new standard in HD surveillance video for DVRs and CCTV cameras. AHD is a new solution to transmit full HD digital video within a surveillance system. AHD's core idea is to transmit high-definition digital video via digital TV (DTV). AHD allows high-definition digital video to be sent over coaxial cables, twisted pairs, or over the air. AHD can transmit multiple 1080p30 or 1080p60 video streams over one 5C2V/RG6 (up to 1000m in the case of 3C2V/RG59) cable.

What kind of cable do AHD cameras use for their cameras?
AHD CCTV cameras can be connected to DVRs with the same coaxial cable used for traditional analog CCTV cameras. This is typically RG59 coax cable or RG6 coax cable. AHD is superior to HD-SDI CAMERAS (another HD-over coax security camera standard) because RG59 coax cables can be used over long distances without any video loss. Installers can use RG69 coax cables up to 800 feet for AHD cameras, according to our experience. AHD CAMERAS MAY ALSO USE UTP CABLE INCLUDING VIDEO BALUNS TO RUIN CAT5 cable up to 320 meters / 960 feet.
AHD vs 960H Video Resolution?
Below are images that compare video surveillance photos taken by an AHD CCTV camera and a 960H camera. To capture the images, both cameras were connected to an AHD CCTV DVR (IDVR-E8 Hybrid Analog). When the image was taken, each camera was shown full screen at 720p resolution.
The prices for CCTV technology are extremely affordable and they are highly stable. You Can Check Online By Searching CCTV Camera in Udaipur.
Many people working in surveillance thought analog CCTV would be phased out many years ago. In 2007, IP cameras with megapixel resolution were becoming more popular. Most people found IP cameras more complicated to set up, and the prices never dropped enough to justify the higher resolution.
HD-SDI was introduced to the surveillance industry in 2010. It has been used for years to create movies and HDTV. While I love HD-SDI cameras, they are not widely accepted. It is possible that coax cable cannot be run over long distances for HDSDI, and there is no support for video baluns (to be used with UTP cable). However, 1080p HDSDI has outstanding image quality.
AHD appears to solve the major issues that prevented other HD security cameras from taking over the analog CCTV market. The coax cable can be used by installers in the same way as traditional analog CCTV cameras. They also work at the same distance. AHD camera users can use video baluns, which are UTP cables such as CAT5. AHD cameras are slightly less expensive than analog.
There are also high-quality hybrid DVRs that allow users to use both analog and AHD CCTV cameras. This allows security system owners to keep their DVR and use existing CCTV cameras to upgrade to HD over time. You Can Contact Qyad Secure If You are looking for the Best CCTV Camera Dealers in Udaipur
AHD and CCTV will likely co-exist for many years.
Quad Secure is a pioneer in the field of AHD CCTV. We are experts in CCTV Camera Installation Service in Udaipur as well as all across Rajasthan.

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