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For every person, to have a healthy life with the least chances of getting sick, having healthy food is necessary. Nowadays, the super busy lifestyle of people was pushing them to have fast food which is unhealthy.

Many people were drawn towards the street food like a moth to fire unaware of the fact of how dangerous those foods can be! Food can not only affect your body but also your mind. Nutritionists at Ziqitza tell that have proper nutrition-rich meals every day for one month, you will observe the change in your mind and body. “You will feel peaceful and your body full of energy all day,” said a doctor at Ziqitza healthcare.

It’s true! Proper nutrition food is a must for every person. In recent days, especially after the pandemic hit in 2020, many people got concerned about healthy food and which types of food are healthy and which types of food are not healthy. But there should know many more things about this issue.

To raise awareness about healthy diets and the food our body needs, world food day is celebrated on the 16th of Oct each year. This had been conducted annually from 1945 when United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization was established. “On the day of world food day, each year have different themes,” said Ziqitza healthcare ltd. The main aim of the day is to give everyone the proper education about healthy food.

Why should we have healthy food?

Having healthy food results in many excellent results. Ziqitza Rajasthan lists a few of them below.

Heart health: by having healthy food, you can pamper your heart perfectly. Healthy food will decrease cholesterol levels in your body and thus your blood pressure decreases too. Having the correct amount of cholesterol level and blood pressure improves the health of your heart.
Less cancer risk: Food those are rich in antioxidants will lessen the chance of getting cancer cells.
Best mood: researches have proved that healthy food improves the mood of a person. Doctors at Ziqitza Limited tells the same.
Gut friendly: The natural bacteria in our gut helps in digestion and improves our metabolism. “Food like curd that are rich in probity’s are gut-friendly,” ZHL Rajasthan told.
Weight loss: losing excess weight is always a dream for everyone. Maintaining a healthy BMI is a must for every person. This is possible by having healthy food and a healthy lifestyle.
Healthy bones and teeth: Having calcium-rich food will make your bones and teeth as strong as a pillar. Everyone, especially kids and old adults should include calcium-rich food in their diet plan.
Strong memory: “Do u know the food you are taking is responsible for your memory?” Ziqitza Limited Rajasthan. “Yes, you need to have healthy and nutrition-rich food to have a good memory “she added.
Many people take it easy when it comes to food. Gone were the days when our grandparents have the best knowledge about how to eat and what to eat. Nowadays had come the era of fast foods with lots of unhealthy oils and fats. This type of improper food is not only affecting individual persons but also affecting pregnant women. Do you know that about 60% of the hungry people in the world are women? Nearly 20 million infants are taking birth each year with low birth weight due to malnutrition. “This is a serious issue to consider because out of these 96.5% are from developing countries. About 50% of children’s deaths are due to malnutrition…It’s high time we focus on the intake of proper healthy food” the words of a doctor at Ziqitza leave us in thoughts! Pregnant women and children are the ones who were becoming prey for this.

In 2011, the Indian government has launched JSSK- Janani Shishu Suraksha Katyakram- a scheme to help pregnant women to have the safest delivery. In this scheme, they provide an Asha worker to take care of pregnant women. That Asha worker should look after the pregnant women from the starting of the trimester to delivery. The staff at Ziqitza Healthcare told, “When the pregnant lady is close to delivery, they call for their 102 services and they will immediately go to the location to take her to the hospital.” It’s a very good scheme where they take care of their diet.

Even though many people are showing interest in having and maintaining healthy food, there is a long way to go on. World food day’s main target is to raise awareness of healthy food. They join their hands with many organizations like Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd to spread this awareness.

Which food is the best to eat?

Even though there are many healthy foods, one should remember one thing. Packaged and processed food have always danger in them! Now let’s look at which food can be taken

Calcium-rich food like milk, broccoli, dairy product, greens, leafy vegetables.
Potassium-rich food like bananas, raisins, fish, spinach, dark greens, etcetera should be taken to have enough potassium content in your body.
Whole grains, apples, strawberries, cabbage-like fiber-rich food should also consume.
“Whole grain food is low in calories,” said Ziqitza Rajasthan. One should include whole grains like oats, whole wheat flour in their diet plan
Fresh fruits and vegetables should come into the menu of daily food.
These are some of the foods which could be consumed. However, every person has different choices of food and different health problems. For a proper and healthy diet plan, consult Ziqitza Limited.

Food that should be avoided:

“To have healthy heart, gut-friendly probiotics, good memory; along with having healthy food, one should avoid unhealthy food too,” said the senior-most nutritionist at ZHL Rajasthan. Below are the foods to avoid.

White sugar: studies tell that white sugar is a barrier to healthy food. Completely polished sugar is not good for health. Doctors suggest that if you are a sweet lover, then replace white sugar with less quantity of brown sugar or other sweeteners.
Pizzas: A piece of 14-inch pizza contains 285 calories. Along with this it also has fat in the form of flour. “If you are in a weight loss journey or fat loss journey, you should completely avoid pizzas.” Said nutritionist at Ziqitza Limited Rajasthan.
Package food: Almost all packaged food consists of nonessential and harmful chemicals and preservatives. Make your time and prepare your home food instead of having those harmful products.
Processed food: processed food can be handy for everyone but do you know they have many harmful preservatives in them? You need to avoid having them bless your body with health.
Deep-fried food: Having deep-fried food once in a while is a little bit convincible but never have them repeatedly! Specially purchased ones. Instead of then you can prepare them at your home once in a while but remember one thing, don’t use the same oil again and again!
Remembering these things, everyone should be aware of the proper food and nutrition. By having a healthy diet and exercising 30 min a day, you will feel your body light and your mind peaceful.
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