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Today, Our Lash talk about skin dehydration.
What is skin dehydration?
The skin itself has a perfect moisturizing system, which can maintain the normal moisture content of the skin, but we have intentionally or unintentionally destroyed; simply put, it is the lack of water in the cuticle. When the water content of the cuticle is lower than 10%, it will cause abnormal metabolism of the keratin, and the skin will appear dry, tight, rough and abnormal shedding of keratinocytes (desquamate).
Signs of skin dehydration:
1. Skin desquamation. Desquamation is a symptom of severe skin dehydration. Desquamation occurs when the cuticle on the face dries and falls off, causing dead skin or dander
• 2. Large pores. Skin dehydration causes the cuticle to not metabolize normally, hair follicles and sebaceous gland tube mouth accumulation of excessive cutin, so that the skin becomes rough, rough skin is easy to cause pore blockage, resulting in enlarged pores
3. The skin tightness. Skin tightness is caused by the skin's long-term lack of water or intermittent lack of water. The skin is in a state of lack of moisture and nutrients, which can easily lead to the skin's lack of elasticity, tenderness and tightness.
4. Wrinkles on the skin. When the skin is seriously dehydration, fine lines evolve into long and deep dry lines, clearly visible, wrinkles on the forehead and corner of the eye are indistinct, facial skin is often flushed.
5. Sensitive skin. Long-term water shortage, will let the skin barrier function greatly decreased, easy to cause skin sensitivity, that is, we say the barrier damage.
The harm of skin dehydration
1. The activity of surface cells is reduced, collagen is lost, and the skin loses elasticity
2. Fine wrinkles, dry wrinkles emerge
3. Large pores, rough skin and hard to makeup
4. Easy to be sensitive and fragile

Does the dehydrated skin need hydrate?
Not necessarily! When your skin is in dehydration, be sure to understand the reason why your skin is dry. For example, if your skin is dehydration is caused by skin barrier damaged, but you blindly go to hydrate, which will make the skin barrier damaged more seriously. That’s because the skin has no ability to lock water, water will soon evaporate, restore dry condition, so at this time should repair the barrier mainly.

The causes of skin dehydration
1. Age: With the increase of age, skin aging, nutrient and water loss, skin moisturizing and barrier function weakened.
2. Cuticle damage: excessive exfoliation, dermatitis, acne, wash off a lot of oil on the face, take away the natural moisturizing factors in the cuticle will lead to cuticle damage, easy to desquamation.
3. Too little water intake: the main source of water supply to the stratum corneum is the dermis, and the water in the dermis comes from our daily diet and direct water supplementation.
4. Air and season: the alternating change of seasons, dry and cold climate, low temperature
5. Environment: the air humidity is reduced, the air is dry, the moisture in the skin is easier to evaporate into the air, such as a long time of air conditioning environment, computer TV radiation, the skin is easy to dry.
6. Living habits: often stay up late, poor sleep quality, smoking, drinking and other bad living habits, will also lead to skin water shortage.
7. Improper maintenance: daily neglect of facial maintenance or improper maintenance.

How to solve skin dehydration?
1. Use products with good sealing property and natural moisturizing factors, such as ceramide, urea, sodium hyaluronate, triglyceride, etc
2. Repair cuticle, anti-inflammatory and soothing, moisturizing and hydrating.
3. Drink enough water every day to provide enough moisture for the body and effectively hydrate the skin.
4. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.
5. Choose products with moisturizing effect, pay attention to the composition of the product, whether it is suitable for your skin
6. Stay up late and keep good habits
7. Do sunscreen measures to avoid ultraviolet radiation
8. When use air conditioning, you can put basin water in the room, or humidifier, to avoid dry air and evaporation of skin moisture.

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