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As an eyelash extensions manufacturer, let’s talk about how to judge whether a pair of tweezers is of good quality, consider the following aspects:

As an eyelash extensions manufacturer, let’s talk about how to judge whether a pair of tweezers is of good quality, consider the following aspects:
1) Tip [cutting edge]: The longer the tip of the tweezers, the easier it is to separate hairs.
2) Tip: Used to check the thickness of the tip of the eyelashes, slender tweezers can easily see the eyelashes when operating.
3) Handle [elastic]: the strength of handle elasticity is very important, should choose a narrow one, so that you do not need to spend extra effort.
4) Tweezers handle: the length of the handles should be purchased according to the size of the hand of the lash artist, and the smaller hand should choose a shorter handle of the tweezers;
Bigger hands should buy tweezers with slightly longer handles.
5) Edge [gap]: The distance between the two edges determines the strength of the elasticity. Tweezers with easy opening and closing and soft feel should be selected.
6) Weight: The weight of the entire tweezers should be lightweight and do not require extra effort.
In addition, there are many shapes of tweezers; commonly used are straight tweezers, curved tweezers, round head tweezers.You can choose according to your own needs.
Straight head tweezers
It can be very good to separate dense lashes, tweezers slender body, super thin tip, even very short lashes can be easily separated, long time holding will not feel the burden, can greatly improve the efficiency of operation.
Elbow tweezers
Elbow tweezers is of super stability in the process of careful eyelash operation, you can firmly hold it and do fast operation.
Tweezers of soft body can make lash artists grafting for a long time but do not feel tired. It is not easy to slip, and it is easy to fit the hand curve.It is suitable for the delicate operation of eyelash grafting; neither the left eye nor the right eye will interfere with the vision. The curved tip will not face the eyes of the guests during the operation, so that the grafting operation is safer. When clipping the eyelashes densely arranged on the glue, you can easily take off each eyelash
Round head tweezers specially used to uncover false eyelashes and adhesive.
Precautions for the preservation of tweezers
Clean the tweezers with a special sponge after use. The use of common detergents and disinfectants or ultraviolet light will not kill the virus, to thoroughly clean the virus; need rinse the tweezers thoroughly, leaving no detergent residue. Then soak in alcohol (76.9 ~ 81.4%) or alkaline soapy water (0.1% or more) for more than 10 minutes, or put in ultraviolet disinfectant for more than 20 minutes. After disinfection, put it into a container with the words "sterilized" for storage, and keep it in a sterilized alcohol cup during use.
The last, please order Tweezers for Lash samples first before you place bulk order.
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