Important skincare tips to keep your skin young

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Most of us feel that we have to buy expensive skincare products or go to the beauty salon regularly to keep our skin looking young.

Most of us feel that we have to buy expensive skincare products or go to the beauty salon regularly to keep our skin looking young. In fact, rich capricious, not necessarily can obtain the ideal effect.
Want to look like 20 years old at your 40? Below skincare knowledge from Our Lash is important!

1.It's better to eat eggs than collagen
Make your skin pop! Beauty, freckle removal, moisturizing...At present, there are many skin care products with "collagen" as the publicity stunt. Can it really play the mythical role of publicity?
Actually, the skin is not what thing can go in at will, it have barrier function. In fact, skin is both an immune barrier and a physical barrier, so collagen cannot penetrate completely.
At present, there are many "collagen oral liquid" in the market, which costs tens, hundreds or even hundreds of dollars per bottle. In fact, one egg is enough for you to really supplement protein.
2. Excessive cleaning is not necessary
When everybody is washing a face with the hand, who knows still can use face brush!
Have to admire human wisdom (stupid) is really endless. In recent years, the so-called "wash instrument" suddenly fire, nano - level, ultrasonic, can remove acne, in addition to blackheads, known as "clean skin magic device"! But is this brush really useful for cleaning your skin? The purpose of cleansing your skin is to remove dirt from the surface, not to remove the protective film.
Wash your face even like scrubbing the floor with a brush, completely unnecessary. In addition, 60%~70% of women are sensitive skin, brush can aggravate excessive cleaning, and this is often a taboo skin care!
3. The sun is the skin's biggest enemy
Sunlight is your skin's worst enemy.
In the process of skin aging, photoaging is the most important cause of skin aging. The secret to aging your skin more slowly is to avoid light.
The first, when the sun is strong to participate in outdoor activities, the use of skin care products should contain sunscreen ingredients, sunscreen index recommended 15 ~ 30.
Second, wear sunscreen clothes and hats.
Third, take an umbrella.
Do a good trinity of anti-light is effective.
For the skin care, in fact, as long as we do: clean -- protect moisture -- bask in, this trilogy can.
4. Skin care products change with the four seasons
Choose different skin care products for spring, summer, autumn and winter.
In spring, skin is sensitive and prone to dermatitis and other allergic reactions. At this time, anti-allergic skin care products should be selected.
Summer, sebaceous glands secrete exuberant, should choose relaxed not greasy skin care products.
Autumn, climate is dry, protect skin to taste must emphasize its protect wet function, and appropriate choice has the product that divides wrinkle function.
In winter, sebaceous glands secrete less, and products with more animal and plant fats can be selected to help absorb nutrients.
5. Skin care products with a single function as far as possible
Dermatologist general skin is better, why?
Because they never use skin care products mess. Sunscreen, freckle, acne, wrinkle resistance, whitening and other kinds of skin care products, in the selection, should be as far as possible to choose a single function of the product, because the more single performance, the use of the effect may be better.
In addition, it is best to buy "small packages" of skin care products, because skin care products are easy to be contaminated by bacteria even within the stipulated validity period after opening 3 months. If the skin is sensitive, it is easy to be allergic.
6. Bad mood, skin will suffer
The skin is one side mirror of human body health, want to fight aging, besides external element, have internal cause to participate even.
In ordinary life, we must first have a good state of mind;
Secondly, live a regular life. Go to bed early and get up early.
Third, healthy diets, rich diet, do not avoid food.
Everyone has the heart of immortality, what suits you is the best!

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