Top 10 most concerned questions about eyelash extensions

Posted November 29, 2022 by zy279984311

In recent years nude makeup is being more and more popular. Long lashes and talking eyes are what every girl wants.

In recent years nude makeup is being more and more popular. Long lashes and talking eyes are what every girl wants. Nowadays, with the development of eyelash technology, eyelash extensions is becoming the best choice among girls, but many people always have a lot of concerns and questions before grafting, hope everyone can find an answer here in Our Lash.
1. First is the most concerned question, will eyelash grafting cause eye disease?
Yes. Improper grafting can lead to a series of eye problems. See below for reference: Titled [National survey on eyelash extensions and their related health problems].
That's why Our Lash always stick to a good lash outfit, because a good lash shop will have a standard handling. They’ll have strict process of disinfect devices, provide handling instructions for organic solvents, improve glue ingredients, and improve the ophthalmologic knowledge of the practitioners.
2. After grafting, will natural eyelashes easy to lose?
In fact, whether you do or not do eyelash extensions, our eyelashes, like our hair, will automatically fall off. So it's normal to see eyelashes falling. The average life of eyelashes is about 4 to 6 weeks, we may lose a few every day without notice it, but when eyelashes are grafted on our own lashes, longer eyelashes will naturally attract your attention, give you the illusion that eyelash extensions will bring off natural lashes.
3. Can eyelash grafting hurt?
Of course it’s not. Eyelash grafting involves attaching fake lashes to real lashes with glue, without pain.
4. Will eyelash extensions look unnatural?
There are many types of eyelashes. The eyelash technician who serves you will know your preferences and know your makeup habits. Girls without the habit of wearing eye makeup can choose the most natural style; eyelash technician will recommend you the most natural style, so that you look like born with a natural eyelash, create an electric eye charming effect.
5. Will graft eyelashes spend a long time?
Because grafting eyelash need to attach fake lashes to natural lashes one by one, it does take some time, but with the different number of roots, the time it takes is not the same naturally, but normally an hour or so can be finished. You can sleep comfortably in bed and wake up with a pair of beautiful eyes!
6. Will eyelash extensions have foreign body sense?
Eyelash extension is grafted on the own eyelashes, not connected to the eyelid, so it will not feel foreign body sensation like wearing false eyelashes, as long as you choose professional operation, there will be no uncomfortable feelings. So be sure to choose a professional eyelash shop.
As eyelash technicians, one must make sure with the customer that their eye skin is not sensitive or easily inflamed people.
7. How long can eyelash grafting last?
According to the different lashes and the different styles of grafting, the duration is not the same. In addition, the care after grafting is also very important. If proper care is taken and timely replacement is carried out in the late stage, it can last up to 40-50 days. However, if you do not follow the advice of the eyelash technician and do not take care seriously, it may fall off in two or three weeks.
8. Can I apply eye makeup after grafting?
After grafting eyelashes, it is not recommended to clip or heat eyelashes, it is also not recommend to use mascara to avoid eyelash damage and fall. Because the lashes are so thick, they look like they have a natural inner liner, so if you have to apply eye makeup, just use eye shadow and outer liner!
In addition, when removing makeup, you should pay special attention to avoid getting makeup remover around your eyes, because oil products are easy to make your eyelashes fall off. It is better to dip a cotton wand into makeup remover and remove it slowly.
9. Will I feel inconvenience after grafting?
After a week after washing your face and hair will be a little inconvenient, this is normal, but after a week will slowly get used to. But remember to choose a good product and eyelash technician; this will let you get used to faster! In addition, after eyelash extensions can make your eyes without makeup is also very lively.
10. Is eyelash grafting suitable for everyone?
Of course not, see below 4 types of Ladies who are not suitable for eyelash extensions:
1) If you just finished eyelash lift, false eyelashes are not easy to locate and easy to fall off. So avoid eyelash extensions if you just do a lash lift. In fact you can just choose one from eyelash extension and eyelash lift.
2) If you just finished eye surgery (double eyelid, eye laser, eye suture, etc.), do not do eyelash extensions.
3) If you’re with related eye diseases (needle eye, conjunctivitis, eyelid swelling, etc.).
4) If your eyes are particularly sensitive, also cannot be reluctantly doing eyelash extensions.
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