Sanitization Professionals Discuss The Effectiveness Of Cleaning Products And Equipment

Posted August 29, 2021 by adamscare999

Sanitization professionals at Adams Care weigh in on the effectiveness of popular types of cleaning agents.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Advances in technology and information acquisition have led to various cleaning products and equipment across the UAE and the world. While some have been produced with adherence to strict quality and safety standards, others have not. Therefore, sanitization professionals at Adams Care weigh in on the effectiveness of popular types of cleaning agents.

There are three primary cleaning products and equipment categories: industry-grade, domestic use, and DIY (do-it-yourself). The first is of high quality but expensive and typically cannot be used by regular people. The second is of good quality, affordable, and is easy to use. The third can vary in quality but is inexpensive.

"Industry-grade products and equipment as their name suggests are meant to be used in a wider range of situations than domestic products. They are capable of immense power and can withstand extreme temperatures and conditions. They are also highly effective at sanitization. For example, our UV-C mattress sanitizer can eliminate the DNA of all microorganisms, microscopic insects, and microbial growth. Ten seconds under the sanitizer equals two days under the sun." shares one of Adams Care professionals.

While industry-grade products are highly effective, they are too expensive for a regular person to purchase and require immense care when being used. Therefore, they usually are only handled by professional sanitization companies.

An expert states, "Cleaning products meant for domestic use have lesser strength than industry-grade products but are much easier to handle. They are quality tested; therefore, you can use them safely if you follow the recommended directions. They may not be able to remove particularly aggressive microorganisms from the depths of furniture. However, They can be effective for cleaning surfaces. DIY products, on the other hand, while adequate for light surface cleaning, can be ineffective against harmful viruses and bacteria. Studies have shown that they were incapable of eliminating COVID-19 viruses off surfaces. Also, adding powerful chemicals to a DIY product to increase its potency can be extremely dangerous. They require immense care when being handled, and the slightest mistake could cause significant injuries."

Experts recommend using domestic cleaning products for your home, and only if you run out of them should you turn to a DIY one. Even then, opt for one that contains no harmful chemicals or ingredients to ensure the safety of everyone in your home. As domestic products are not entirely effective, hiring professional cleaners at least twice a year is best. They will use industry-grade equipment to thoroughly sanitize your home and eliminate all harmful microorganisms within it.

Adams Care provides industry-grade sanitizing solutions to keep your home completely sanitized and disinfected.

About Adams Care:
Adams Care is a professional home maintenance company based in Dubai. We provide a wide range of maintenance and sanitization solutions that can be used to eliminate harmful microorganisms. With high-quality industry-grade equipment and skilled personnel, we guarantee customer satisfaction and ensure that the highest hygiene standards are met across UAE.
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