Best Weight Gainer Supplements for Skinny Guys, Gain Weight Naturally

Posted August 21, 2018 by alstondavies

Guys, you want to increase weight, build muscle mass, cure weakness, look confident and healthy then try FitOFat capsules. These are the best weight gainer supplements for skinny guys that gain weight naturally in men and women.

Being skinny and lean is not very attractive. A lot of skinny guys go to the gym, take protein drinks, etc. to gain that muscle mass. The market is filled with such weight gainer supplements. Moreover, the following article also speaks about ways to gain muscle mass at home, using natural ingredients.

Working out in the gym is an effective way to increase muscle mass for guys but there are some who are so skinny, that no matter how much they workout, it just doesn’t have any effect on their bodies. Here’s why:

• Their calorie intake in a day is lower than what they burn

• Their daily requirements of carbohydrates, protein and fat are not being met

• Their testosterone levels are low

• They’re not increasing the weights they’re lifting during workouts

• They’re not taking breaks between workouts to relax their muscles. Muscle wear and tear need resting time to repair themselves

• They’re doing too much cardio

• They’re not following a regular workout schedule

So, here are some tips on how to gain weight naturally and increase muscle mass:

• Increase your calorie intake. Your body should consume more calories than it burns

• Eat more frequent meals. Increase the number of meals you have. They could be several smaller meals

• Increase intake of protein. Include meat, chicken breasts and thighs, fish like tuna, salmon, mackerel and sardines, eggs, milk, cottage cheese and yoghurt in your diet

• Eat calorie-rich but healthy foods such as nuts like walnuts, almonds, mixed nuts and peanut butter; dried fruits like raisins, apricots, dates and prunes; dairy products like whole milk, cottage cheese and full-fat yoghurt; pasta, rice, oats, breads, sandwiches and other grains; potatoes, sweet potatoes, yam, fats in the form of coconut, olive oil and avocados; chicken, beef and fatty fish.

• Have weight gainer supplements in the form of shakes, made from oats, banana, milk, peanut butter and whey protein

• Keep a track on your calorie intake. Make sure to meet your daily calorie requirement

• Do more of free weights, compounds such as squats, bench, press, rows and dead lifts

• Follow your diet, as well as, workouts religiously. Be consistent

Although protein shakes can be prepared at home, which can help skinny guys put on some kilos, there are weight gainer supplements also available which, are equally effective. These supplements for skinny guys are rich in protein and fulfil their daily protein needs.

FitOFat capsule is one such weight gainer supplement which is made from natural ingredients. It contains no chemicals and is completely safe for consumption, as it has no side effects. It not only helps you gain weight naturally, but also takes care of other areas such as high blood pressure, kidney and liver issues, heart diseases, diabetes, poor concentration, low libido, dizziness and low stamina and energy. These capsules are composed of herbs which possess properties that help in weight gain, as well as, to shed extra kilos. They improve metabolism and enhance absorption of nutrients.

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