How to make the travel motor live longer?

Posted August 21, 2018 by spfinaldrives

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The excavator's friends all know that the excavator's final drive is willing to be bad, but also can not afford to hurt, the general is broken, the assembly is replaced, the repair can not be used. This set is really a bit expensive.
In fact, I think walking is not so easy to break, or it can be replaced by use and maintenance for a period of time. I have used this car for 15,000 hours, and the walk is still original. I think I still have some experience in walking. Here, let's talk about the use and maintenance of the travel motor. Just a little insight of myself, A friend has a good way to welcome communication.
I personally think that there are two aspects to extending the life of the excavator's walking assembly: one is the use aspect; the other is the maintenance aspect; the first friends say the following aspects; 1. try to walk less, use the car care Use the car care. I believe that many of the friends have these letters on the walking wheel, but I don't know what it means. These English letters mean walking short distances. What is a short distance is about 500 meters, no more than one kilometer. Here, it means that the excavator can be walked as short as possible, whether it is a large excavation or a small excavation. If the long-distance walking distance is too long, it will damage the walking wheel of the excavator;
2, Is to make the road as flat as possible when walking, especially when walking in constant time, plus the slow speed of the uphill road, you must use the slow gear, if necessary, use the bucket to cooperate, do not let the walking have too much compound, which is very hurt final drive motor. Some excavators clearly tell the user what to pay attention to when using the excavator's walking assembly, so pay attention to the walking instructions and suggestions on the excavator assembly.
In the use of the digging machine, the friends have their own methods of care, plus the correct maintenance methods. Personally, it is recommended to open it whenever you check and maintain it. There is no iron powder, gear wear, and the bearing is not broken. In this case, it is not a time to look at it. Even if it is broken, it can be repaired and it will not cost too much. If you wait until you can't walk and then open it, then it's not a few hundred things.
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