What Type of Bird Seed to Give to Your Pets

Posted July 6, 2022 by AnaBrenda

Small birds and parrots are fun to have around.The feathered creatures are friendly; they adapt well to households where they are loved and have the necessary supplies.

People love looking after them and making sure they are healthy and happy. It may seem easy, but birds require plenty of care; it is not enough to put them in cages and think that it is enough because they have a roof over their heads. The creatures are complex and have multiple needs. Even regarding bird seed, you must know what is safe.

Vetafarm bird food is an excellent choice for parrots because it provides everything they need to be healthy and live long. The formulas are adapted to their needs, containing amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and calcium. Whenever you purchase food for your companion, read the labels to see what you offer them and if they get complete nutrition at every meal. This reflects how they look and behave.

Why Bird Seed Is Important

In the wild, birds spend their time foraging for food and consume a wide variety to ensure a complete and balanced meal. Pet birds have complex dietary requirements, and without the right food, they experience health issues. Many owners wonder if they should feed bird seed https://www.petshopdirect.com.au/shop/category/bird-seed or pellets, but the answer is not easy. Combining different food categories is beneficial for birds to take the necessary number of vitamins, minerals, fats, and amino acids.

Birds would be happy to live on seeds. However, this is not beneficial to them. They are high in fat and lack essential vitamins and minerals. The quality you find is not always high, and specific seed mixes lack variety, having other unhealthy ingredients and artificial colors. Health problems and even mortality result from malnutrition and feeding your parrot only seeds. They should be given as a treat and compensation for a healthy diet.

Besides bird seed, your parrot should access pellets, fruits, and vegetables. Pellets are created to provide a complete food diet, and you can find some fantastic products on the market. Many brands care about companions and formulate the best versions. This assures your companion is satisfied and full while simultaneously healthy and happy. Doing some research makes all the difference.

Introducing Vetafarm Bird Food

Among many bird food brands available on the market, Vetafarm bird food https://www.petshopdirect.com.au/shop/category/vetafarm-parrot-pellets stands out. The brand has a selection of products suitable for all types of birds, small and large. For instance, the South American Mix is developed for Amazons, Macaws, and South American Parrots. It has antioxidants and high nut content. Your parrots will love the food, and you can offer it as a complete diet or along with seeds and fresh fruits.

Converting your pet to the new food should be done gradually. You can mix the new kind with your regular mix and add some hot water. This way, the pellets will get sticky and form a combination in their food bowl. Once they taste the pellets, they will get used to the new food, and you can replace it entirely after several days.


Vetafarm bird food has pellets in their product category for small and large birds. They are multi-colored to promote acceptance. Seed-eating birds appreciate them better, and the formula is adapted to picky eaters. It has calcium, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. During the regular season, it is all they require. Birds in the breeding season need more nutrition and fats; luckily, products are formulated for them.

Vetafarm bird food in pellets is suitable for exotic parrots and Asiatic and Australian parrots. If you have foraging toys, don’t hesitate to use the pellets as a treat. Your parrot needs to be mentally challenged, and food should come from foraging treats. In the wild, birds spend plenty of time foraging, so it makes sense to nurture this behavior. Your pet can live happily and thrive in the household with the right supplies.

A helpful guide

Your vet can provide a helpful guide on what to feed your bird. Vetafarm bird food is available in various products, and you can choose based on your parrot type. For example, if you have a cockatiel, the primary diet must consist of Nutriblend pellets, maintenance pellets, and parrot essentials. Specialty birds require paradise pellets, Finch & Budgie Crumbles, nectar pellets, and forest fusion.

The helpful guide is provided by the brand online, and it is useful for all pet parents who need some support in looking after their companion. Birds require variety in their diets, and you can include bird seed, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Red varieties and dark green vegetables should be provided regularly. Some foods are toxic, such as chocolate and avocado. Always know the risks involved and what foods are toxic.

How to Choose Bird Seed

Purchasing seeds suitable for your parrot should be done based on their daily recommended consumption. Depending on the bird you have, you should provide seed in a proportion of 15-50%. Also, products must be organic, fresh, and clean. Otherwise, they have no nutritional value, and your parrot will not obtain anything from eating them. When you purchase products, please read the labels to learn more about their source.

You can purchase mixes of seeds or mix them on your own. You can use many combinations, such as barley, dried corn, flax seeds, sesame, sunflower, hemp, whole oats, poppy, pumpkin, and more. Sprouting seeds are highly appreciated because they are nutritious. Feel free to sprout some sunflower or canary seeds at home and give them to your companion.

Birds live happily and healthy for many years when they eat the right foods and obtain the necessary nutrients. Bake some goods for your feathered friend, and there are several recipes you can follow. Combine grains, fruits, vegetables, and seeds and bake them together. Afterward, cut it into meal-size portions and treat your pet. Freeze the rest for freshness and pop out a treat. Ask the vet for more recipes and keep your bird in good shape.
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