5 Simple Steps to Develop Courage

Posted October 11, 2020 by ananyanourish2020

If you are courageous you can win any war. But the first step to garner courage is to let go of your fear and insecurity. And here are 5 simple steps of how you can do that and evolve as a courageous being.

More important than what we get in life is what we become. Life is precious & priceless and so are we. When we step down to change ourselves, we also change the world around us said a holistic nutrition specialist in Kolkata. As rational beings, we can consciously change our thinking pattern and pattern and behaviour. The steps outlined below could help develop courage in us:

1. Face up to reality:

The rationalisation is a psychological defence commonly used to avoid dealing with painful realities, hence by default, accepting long-term pain. Refusing to acknowledge & accept reality becomes a mindset. When we don’t see reality, we start living in the past or in the future says the online nutritionist. We don’t stop there. We distort reality & build up fears & doubts. We often worry about things that may never happen. Such imagined fears weaken a person.

2. Re-examine your value system & take a stand:

Guidance maybe sought from people who have a clear value system & the courage to take a stand. This is the guide that distinguishes courage from recklessness & stubbornness.

3. Build character Build courage:

Character is the foundation that helps us confront our false beliefs and build courage. A holistic nutrition specialist in Kolkata said, we need to review our core values & principles and resolve to be a person of integrity.

4. Practise small acts of courage:

Courage is not like money in the bank, The more you spend it the more you get in return. We avoid the act of courage often for reasons of complacence and apathy the than cowardice. We then become so comfortable with our discomfort that we start loving it. The trouble is that many of the problems we face today may have been solved more easily with a small courageous decision taken in the past.

5. Perfect practice leads to Perfection:

Prepare by trying to anticipate situations, and then be ready for the totally unexpected. Remember, practice does not make you perfect but makes permanent whatever you practice. Small choices in life end up becoming significant choices and prepare a person to face bigger challenges in life.

Always remember, daily honourable living takes courage.
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