Research report explores the Biopharmaceuticals Market for the forecast period, 2020-2027

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Market Research Future Adds The “Biopharmaceuticals Market Research Report–Forecast Till 2027” Report To Their Unique Collection.

Market Forecast

Biopharmaceuticals Market is expected to hold a value of USD 471,021.1 Mn by 2027 at a CAGR of 9.13%.

Biopharmaceuticals Market Synopsis

Biopharmaceuticals are medical drugs produced using biotechnology. Biopharmaceuticals can be proteins (including antibodies), nucleic acids (DNA, RNA, or antisense oligonucleotides) that are used for therapeutic or in vivo diagnostic purposes. These are produced by various means, including direct extraction from a native (non-engineered) biological source. The first such biopharmaceutical approved for therapeutic use was recombinant human insulin (RHI, trade name Humulin), which was developed by Genentech and marketed by Eli Lilly and Company in 1982. Growing market demand for biopharmaceuticals, rising investment by major companies on research & development of biopharmaceuticals, the high incidence rate of chronic diseases, and increasing acceptance for biopharmaceuticals due to their ability to treat previously untreatable diseases is expected to drive the market growth. As of September 2019, approximately six in 10 adults in the US suffer from a chronic disease. Moreover, rising geriatric population and increasing technological advancements are also anticipated to fuel the market growth.

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Biopharmaceuticals Market Influencer

The involvement of major pharmaceutical companies such as Abbvie Inc., Eli Lilly and Company, and Novartis AG are positively influencing the market growth.

Biopharmaceuticals Market Drivers

Increasing investment by major companies in biopharmaceuticals research & development (R&D)

Increasing acceptance for biopharmaceuticals due to their ability to treat previously untreatable diseases

The high incidence rate of chronic diseases is increasing the demand for biopharmaceuticals, hence driving the market growth. As of 2019, nearly 45% of Americans suffer from a chronic disease.

Rising geriatric population. As of 2019, one in 6 people in the world is aged more than 65 years.

Increasing technological advancements

Biopharmaceuticals Market Restraints

Stringent government regulations
Availability of low-cost biosimilars
Risk of side-effects associated with biopharmaceuticals
Biopharmaceuticals Market Segmentation

By Product Type

Monoclonal Antibodies: The largest segment of the market. Researches carried out with the help of monoclonal antibodies is increasing. Monoclonal antibodies are manufactured using identical immune cells that are clones of a unique parent cell.

Recombinant Growth Factors: They are a group of proteins that stimulate the growth of the cell. These are further segmented into erythropoietin and granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF). Erythropoietin is a type of hormone that is produced by the kidneys. G-CSF is a type of glycoprotein that can stimulate the bone marrow to produce granulocytes and stem cells and ultimately release them in the bloodstream.

Purified Proteins: These can be further segmented into four subsegments—leukemia inhibitory factor, P53 protein, P38 protein, and other purified proteins. Leukemia inhibitory factor or LIF is a type of interleukin 6 class cytokine that can affect the cell growth by inhibiting differentiation. P53 is a tumor protein, which is an isoform of a protein encoded by homologous genes in various organisms. P38 protein is a class of mitogen-activated protein kinases that are responsive to cytokines, ultraviolet irradiation, heat shock, osmotic shock, and other stress stimuli.

Recombinant Proteins: They are made from cloned DNA sequences that usually encode a protein or an enzyme with known function. These can be further divided into serum albumin, amyloid protein, defensin, transferrin, and others. Serum albumin is found in the blood and is the most abundant protein found in the human blood plasma. Amyloid proteins are aggregates of proteins that become folded into a particular shape and can allow many copies of that protein to stick together, forming fibrils. Defensins are small cysteine-rich cationic proteins that function as host defense peptides. Transferrin are iron-binding blood plasma glycoproteins that have the ability to control the level of free iron in biological fluids.

Recombinant Hormones: They are produced from fragments of growth hormone and human placental lactogen.

Vaccines: They are a type of biological preparation that can protein active acquired immunity against a particular disease. Vaccines have been further segregated into recombinant vaccines, conventional vaccines, and others. Recombinant vaccines are produced using recombinant DNA technology. They have been further divided into cancer vaccines, malaria vaccines, Ebola vaccines, hepatitis B vaccines, tetanus vaccines, diphtheria vaccines, cholera vaccines, and others. Conventional vaccines act as an immunological base to fight against the most porcine diseases. These are further segmented into polio vaccines, pox vaccines, and others. Vaccines are the fastest-growing segment owing to rising awareness regarding chronic diseases.

Synthetic Immunomodulators: They are a type of medication that is used to help regulate or normalize the immune system. These are further segmented into cytokines, interferons, interleukins; tumor necrosis factor (TNF); and others.

Others: This segment includes recombinant enzymes allogenic & autologous products and acellular products.

Biopharmaceuticals Market By Application

Oncology: The largest segment owing to the rising prevalence of cancer. There were 1,735,350 new cases of cancer in the US in 2019.

Inflammatory and Infectious Diseases: Infectious diseases include cholera, diphtheria, and typhoid. Inflammatory conditions include tuberculosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and sinusitis.

Autoimmune Disorders: These include diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes.

Metabolic Disorders: These types of disorders occur when abnormal chemical reactions in the body hamper the normal metabolic process.

Hormonal Disorders: These include various endocrine disorders such as adrenal insufficiency disorder and hyperthyroidism.

Disease Prevention: Vaccines are the biopharmaceuticals used for the prevention of chronic diseases.

Cardiovascular Diseases: These include coronary heart disease, arrhythmia, and peripheral artery disease.

Neurological Diseases: These include diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy. The rising prevalence of neurological disorders is expected to account for the fastest growth of the segment. In the US, 1.8% of the population have been suffering from active epilepsy as of 2016.

Others: Other applications of biopharmaceuticals include blood disorders and other rare disorders.

Biopharmaceuticals Market By Region
Americas: The largest regional Biopharmaceuticals Market. The prevalence of chronic diseases, such as cancer, is high in the Americas. Approximately 9.6 million people died suffering from cancer as of September 2019. Moreover, the presence of significant biopharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Inc., Amgen Inc., Eli Lilly and Company, and Bristol Myers Squibb Company is expected to drive the market growth.
Europe: Increasing geriatric population, well-developed healthcare infrastructure, and high prevalence of neurological diseases are expected to drive the market growth.
Asia-Pacific: The fastest-growing regional biopharmaceuticals market. Asia-Pacific is seeing a surge in the number of people suffering from diseases such as diabetes and cancer. Furthermore, the region has a supportive regulatory framework for the approval of biopharmaceuticals, which drives market growth.
Middle East & Africa: The biopharmaceuticals market is expected to show significant growth due to the rising patient population suffering from various chronic diseases. Middle Eastern market is expected to show more growth as compared to the African market, owing to the presence of developed countries such as Saudi Arabia and Oman.
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