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Posted July 21, 2022 by efourdev

If the security of your website is poor, it won't take long for hackers or con artists to steal your data. Here are a few website security techniques that you can use to secure your site.

Website security:

Imagine this Would you want guests to feel uneasy or insecure whenever they enter your home? Or would you prefer that strangers simply come and go as they like and take anything they want? Definitely not!
This also holds true for your website. Whether you are running a personal blog or an e-commerce website, your visitors must feel secure when using your site. Website security is more important than ever due to the daily increase in hacking and cyber attack occurrences.

The unfortunate thing is that hackers are developing and getting smarter daily.

1. Register your domain under your name

Allowing hosting firms to pay for the domain name registration of their websites is one of the largest errors web owners do. In addition to removing your ownership rights, this compromises the security of your website. Your domain name may be put up for sale by the hosting firm when your current subscription ends.

Whenever you register a new domain for your website, make sure that the owner is shown as being either your name or your company. Both the administrative contact and the technical contact should be listed with your name. You will have a lot of control over your domain and website as a result.

Use an SSL certificate:
Utilizing Secure Socket Layer encryption is arguably one of the simplest ways to guarantee the security of your website. By establishing a secure connection between the server and browser thanks to this security feature, you can send critical information including login credentials, credit card information, and social security numbers.

Set your domain to auto-renew yearly
Consider what would happen to your company if your website abruptly went offline. Not only will you lose a significant portion of your audience or consumers, but you'll also make yourself an easy target for hackers. In light of this, it is advised that you set your domain to renew itself automatically once a year to prevent any hassles.

Change your passwords regularly:
The majority of hackers utilise extremely sophisticated programmes that use brute force to break passwords. These solutions, however, can only be effective if your website is employing shoddy login credentials. It is advised to regularly change your login information and use strong passwords to protect your website from unauthorised access. Likewise, refrain from using the same password across other accounts.

Backup your critical data:
Always create regular data backups to protect vital information, including your financial records, customer account information, legal information, and proprietary databases. This will give you a backup strategy in the event that something goes wrong.

Install web security gateway:
One of the openings hackers exploit to access your internal network is unsecure traffic to your website. It is advised that you install a web security gateway to stop harmful online traffic from entering your network. Real-time security intelligence offered by web filtering systems enables quick detection and retaliation to harmful attempts.

Take Away:
Security and website development are practically identical. In essence, your website's security starts from the development stage. You are more likely to suffer security difficulties in the future if you hire a novice designer.
In light of this, you want to hire a reliable and highly skilled web development company to take care of all your website security requirements. Implementing effective web design can significantly reduce the risk of security breaches and data theft.

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