A Journey of Flavours: Hasina Knox independently publishes her first children's book

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Originally, an extension of the author's former book A Journey of Tastes, this book is a much better rendition of it as it is vivid, elaborate and quite useful.

Press Release/January 28th, 2022/A Journey of Flavours is the long-awaited book which is a follow-up to the author’s very first children’s book. This book now includes 17 tasty, diverse and flavorful recipes from the world's seven continents. Children will be excited with the realistic pictures and illustrations included in this recipe cookbook and will learn some fun facts from each of the seven largest countries.

Children will also be introduced to exciting food dishes while enjoying their time in the kitchen with their loved ones. There are activities at the end of each story to help them remember what they have learned, from the author of A Sightseeing Adventure and A Journey of Tastes.

We asked Hasina Knox to tell us about her book in summary. We are representing her dialogs as follows “A Journey of Flavours is a children's rhyming and repetitive storybook for ages 3-7 years old where four children go on a journey to the seven continents of the world. Children will learn the days of the week, the seven continents of the world and learn about diverse foods. Do not forget to imagine what food is behind each red door with a sneak peek after each continent they visit! Which food will you think is the best?

7 Days of Flavour includes 17 flavourful recipes with fun facts from the world's seven largest countries and with children in their cultural clothes from their own country. Each country you visit will have two recipes of tasty and flavourful food dishes for you and your child to experience. May you and your child enjoy this time together in the kitchen by exploring the different cuisines while boosting their confidence”.

Without a doubt this book is going to make children happy. This book will teach the children about different foods, different cultures, continents as well as some of their history. Children never listen, they follow. The book will be a good choice for your children’s enthusiasm. Nowadays, kids are very enthusiastic as they energize our soul adding to the memorable happy memories.

When reviewing the book, different people said, “This is a delightful children's book with a sweet and simple story of four children going on a journey of visiting the seven continents in the seven days of the week, all the while learning about famous dishes from the places they go to. As the title suggests, it is really a journey of flavors because the book is full of colorful real pictures of food items from all seven continents.

It's a highly useful book as it also teaches the kids the names of seven days of the week in order, introduces them to the seven continents and the seven largest countries of the world along with their world-famous cuisines.

The names of these continents have been described in poetic writing with rhyming and repetition that is important to grasp a child's attention. This book is also to be read by parents along with their kids and is quite beneficial for them too, as the book consists of 17 recipes of food items from across the world including our very yummy samosas as well!

Originally, an extension of the author's former book A Journey of Tastes, this book is a much better rendition of it as it is vivid, elaborate and quite useful.

Parents will definitely love this book as it's an effective, bright, colorful and entertaining way to introduce their children to valuable information and have fun spending time with them reading on this adventure.

At the end of the book, an adventure starts for the young readers, as there are lovely activities given for them. The children are challenged to name the days of the week in order, match dishes to their respective continents, match vibrant and exciting photographs of sightseeing places to their countries.

They learn all these important facts in a playful way. Kids and parents will definitely be fans of the book!”
This book is a part of the author's five-book series called Unearth Your 5 Senses!. The other two books are A Journey of Tastes and A Sightseeing Adventure. All the books are doing good on the Amazon marketplace and are available on Kindle, in Hardcover and Paperback.

When answering a question about the author, one of her associates says, Hasina Knox has always been passionate about writing and storytelling. She would describe herself as a curious Author and she receives inspiration from her real-life experiences. As a part of her writing process, she loves immersing herself in her projects; diving headfirst into the research, production, and fine-tuning of the stories that she feels her audiences can relate to.

You can buy the book A Journey of Flavours on Amazon.https://amzn.to/3IL5Krh
Author: Hasina Knox
PR, Publishing Date: 28/01/2022
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