Keep your loved ones safe by installing basement windows

Posted November 9, 2017 by gabrielfulton

You can create extra space in your house by using the basement intelligently. But whatever you decide, please make sure that the safety of the place is not compromised.

You can create extra space in your house by using the basement intelligently. But whatever you decide, please make sure that the safety of the place is not compromised. You should install basement windows which can act as an emergency exit. You should also use an effective waterproofing system that uses sump pump.

Basement is part of your house which is often not optimally utilized or not utilized at all. You may decide to convert the space to living room, kids play area, office, home gym etc. As soon as you convert it for any such purpose it is obvious that you or your family will start spending more time there as it becomes extension of your existing living space. Hence, it is important that you start treating this area like any other part of your home. You need to ensure that the place is well ventilated and also gets natural light. Basement windows do an excellent job in this regard. These windows are tastefully designed and give your house an excellent look. These can be easily opened which makes these a preferred choice for emergency exit in the event of any fire or similar emergency.

Waterproofing of the basement is another important aspect that should not be neglected. It makes the place and the overall structure of the building to last longer and also makes it safe and secure. Over time, structures may shift and settle due to change in moisture level in the surrounding soil. It may also happen due to lower quality of construction material or faulty construction techniques. This often leads to crack that increases the chance of basement seepage. Even a small amount of seepage may cause serious damage to the structure. As basements are usually wet and dark, fungi like mildew or mold grow in these places which is definitely not good for you and your family’s health.

The overall effectiveness of any basement waterproofing system will depend on the quality of the sump pump used. It should be able to pump out the accumulated water from the sump pit at the fastest possible time. It is also important to ensure that the pump can handle higher volume of water and can run in its maximum efficiency over a longer period of time. It should not get clogged and the switch should not start malfunctioning.

If you like to make your basement airy and well lit with the natural light it is best to install basement windows. Also, to make the basement livable, waterproofing should be done so that there is no bad smell in that area due to wet condition of the floors and the walls. Both installation of the windows and the waterproofing are technical jobs and should be given to the experts only. They will assess the structure quality and suggest places where the windows to be installed. They will do regular inspection and audit of the waterproofing system and will check if the vital equipments like the sump pump is functioning properly. They will also check the battery backup system of the pump to ensure that it has right amount of battery fluid and properly cleaned.

Installing sump pump ( ) is important to keep water away from your basement or crawl space. Additionally, basement windows ( ) can keep your basement well ventilated.
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