How To Slow Down The Aging Process Using Home Remedies?

Posted July 22, 2014 by gordonrsanto

Shilajit ES capsule is one of the most effective cure for aging problem. It helps in preventing the effects of aging by producing natural supplements to fight various external and internal factors.

It has been observed that the speed of aging is not the same in all individuals. The impact of aging and its effects on body organs can be determined by genetic factors, environmental factors, social factors, psychological factors and nutritional factors. To slow down the aging process using home remedies, one can change the life style to reduce intake of toxins, reduce everyday stress by practicing yoga or meditation and take proper diet to prevent deficiencies. Shilajit ES Capsule is an herbal formula that can help in preventing the effects of aging by producing body with natural supplements to fight various external and internal factors.

Shilajit ES Capsule is believed to be one of the most effective ways to slow down the aging process using home remedies. The widely researched report state, in general, Shilajit that is the major component of the capsule contains the following -
1. Dibenzo alpha pyrones, phospholipids, triterpenes and phenolic acids of low molecular weight.
2. Fulvic acids also known as carrier molecules.
3. Humins or humic acids.
4. Trace elements Fe (Iron), Ca (Calcium), Cu (Curium), Zn (Zinc), Mg (Magnesium), Mn (manganese), Mo (Molybdenum), P (Phosphorus) etc.

The components of different types of Shilajit vary depending on the geographical region from where it is collected. The fluid that is used to create the capsule is found in sedimentary rocks in the mountains. Sometimes, it is black brown and sometimes it is white in color.

The compound was researched by leading scientists and it was found to possess the following properties -

Immune stimulatory effects - It induced morphological changes and had anti oxidant properties.

Rejuvenator - The fluid is used as a rejuvenator and it has been found to be effective in slowing down aging in men.

Nutritive - The fluid is nutritive in nature. When it was given to rats for a period of a month, an increase in body weight was observed. This happens because the body was able to absorb nutrition more effectively taken through diet and it caused weight gain.

Reduces blood sugar - It reduces blood sugar. It is believed that insulin is one of the leading compounds that induce aging in men. Discrepancies in the formation of insulin can make the body dull and incapable. Insulin reduces vitality and the person feels tired throughout the day which can be controlled by taking Shilajit.

Nootropic substance - It is also an effective neurochemical that can modulate brain parts. The processed forms of Shilajit increase the level of dopamine and nor epinephrine. Also the regular intake of the Shilajit helps in effecting the cholinergic nerves. The effect as a nootropic substance makes it effective anti-aging component.

Improves memory - Short term memory is dependent on neurotransmitter dopamine and long-term on acetylcholine. The patients suffering from Alzheimer diseases are mostly given the supplements of acetylcholine to improve their memory, which can be regulated by taking Shilajit as it affects the production of acetylcholineesterase, the enzyme responsible for reducing acetylcholine in aging men.

The regular intake of capsule, taking plant-based diet rich in nutrition, leading a healthy lifestyle and doing regular exercise can help to slow down the aging process using home remedies.
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