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Posted October 7, 2021 by hoppersteve4

While wearing a mask is different for everyone’s personal preference, a M11 or Extreme 95 mask can help protect you for many different reasons.

What is the respiratory system? Why is it important?

Respiratory systems are a combination of organs and tissues that help us all breathing; small and large airways, lungs, blood vessels, muscles that power the lungs, nose, mouth, throat, voice box, and windpipe are parts of what make up this important system in us all. Just because we all have these, doesn’t mean they work the same for us all, but their main functions are waste gas exchange like oxygen and carbon dioxide, breathing, sound production, olfactory assistance (sense of smell), and protection from dust and other small airborne particles that can enter our systems through mucus, breathing, coughing and more.

How does wearing a mask help protect it?

Knowing what the respiratory system is, you might be able to tell why it’s important to protect and how a mask can help protect it and you! Being that the respiratory system is main up of your nose and mouth among other parts, it is important to protect what you breathe in and breathe out. When someone has a cold, their body has droplets of germs that it is important to contain; so, others do not get sick from these droplets landing on them through coughing, sneezing, even speaking these germs can move. A M11 or Extreme 95 mask can help contain and reduce these droplets from landing on surfaces, the air, or if close enough someone else; a mask won’t stop these droplets from happening, but they can help. Now if you are not sick but others around you are, wearing a M11 or Extreme 95 mask can help protect you even more so and those who are sick. The masks can help filter out particles in the air, so this way you aren’t breathing in germs and then breathing them back out. M11, Extreme 95 or any mask cannot stop you and others from getting sick, but they can help reduce how you are affected by them.

Do all masks affect it the same way?

You might be wondering if there’s a specific mask that can help you better than the next. There are a variety of masks out there these days; Cloth/Fabric Masks, Disposable Masks, N95 Respirators and more. The first things when finding a mask for protection of any kind is making sure it fits you properly meaning it’s not too tight or too loose on and around your face, you the ability to breathe normally, the material of the mask doesn’t irritate your skin. When a mask is worn properly it should be quite easy to do everyday things like talking, breathing, moving around. All masks can help when worn properly but if you are wearing a disposable mask for a long period of time, it might not be helping you. A cloth mask can help but most are made loosely so there are gaps around the edges letting particles in and out. A filtered mask whether it’s a MERV filtered mask, Extreme 95 or any other kind of filtration; you have something inside the mask that can help filter out certain particles such as germs and viruses you can come into contact with.

Should I buy a mask for respiratory protection?

While wearing a mask is different for everyone’s personal preference, a M11 or Extreme 95 mask can help protect you for many different reasons. If you have a medical or respiratory concern, consult with your doctor before buying one and wearing it for a long period of time. A mask can help if it is worn properly and is comfortable to you, different fabric options like Organic Cotton, Tencel, and Chitosante are great if you have sensitive skin or want a softer mask. Fleece masks are great for cold or damp weather as it protects your system from the dry or cold particles in the air. A mask that has a CoolBest fabric is great for someone on the move or is more active as it has moisture wicking capabilities for water droplets that touch the mask. Find what mask works best for you today!

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