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Posted December 19, 2019 by jamesrogx100

Breathe Green Plug N Pure have become increasingly popular to the point that there is almost one in every shopping center. Unfortunately, beauty often comes at the high price of poor air quality.

Breathe Green Plug N Pure have become increasingly popular to the point that there is almost one in every shopping center. Unfortunately, beauty often comes at the high price of poor air quality. Many of the products used to create beautiful nails destroy the air quality and can cause serious long term health effects.

Using an air purifier to keep the air healthy for your clients and technicians is as important as offering the right shades of polish. Here are 5 facts you need to know about the air purifier you choose to put to work in your home.

A portable unit is best. This is a great option for a lot of reasons. When a technician is doing a particularly smelly procedure, it's handy to be able to move the unit close to the source of the fumes. Since the purifier will pull in and clean the air that is closest to it first, this will help minimize the vapors that have a chance to evaporate into the air.

Unless you own the real estate (and even then), a air purifier that can go where you go means there is no start up cost to providing clean air. And the ability to take the air purifier with you assures you that clean air is always as close as the nearest outlet.

The motor should be heavy-duty. In order to be effective the air needs to be filtered 24 hours a day. Left unchecked, chemical fumes from many of the nail products can linger in the air for hours, even days.

Choosing a air purifier that provides constant changes of air guarantees that fumes are never allowed to build to unhealthy or embarrassing levels. A split capacitor is a must for this type of continuous operation because it allows the unit to run continuously and safely even when your home is closed. Letting it run overnight insures that the air will smell fresh and clean to you and your clients regardless of their appointment time.

The filter should be carbon-based. Long recognized as the industry leader in removing gaseous pollutants, the purifier must have a carbon filter. However, as effective as carbon is, in order to remove high volumes of chemical vapors it will still need an additive that is specifically designed to absorb the vapors. Check the technical specification of Breathe Green Plug N Pure to make sure this is true.

Maintenance should be easy. The best use of time for a nail technician is creating beautiful nails for your clients. The last thing you want to do is to spend money on a air purifier that gets in the way of your technicians being able to do that.

A good air purifier should be able to take care of itself while taking care of the air in your home. The most maintenance you should expect to have to do is vacuuming the outside of the unit each time you clean your home.

A high maintenance air purifier is a waste of precious time and money.. Not only will you spend your time on maintenance, but while the air purifier is being serviced your air is not being cleaned.

The filter should have a long life. One of the first things to check about the purifier is how long the filter is expected to last. If it is less than a year, leave it where it is.

An effective air purifier should have a life of 3 to 5 years. The more effective units will guarantee the filter for as long as 5 years.. With that kind of guarantee on a filter, you'll be sure to get your money's worth of clean air.

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