Eat whole wheat bread and milk before going to bed can help sleep and weight loss

Posted September 10, 2014 by lparmereu

Eat these 2 kind food before bedtime can result in a slimming effects just like zi xiu tang bee pollen( does.

Sleep and "eat" actually has a close relationship. If you eat a hearty dinner, eat greasy or too late,
Prolong stomach emptying time, Stomach, intestines, liver, gallbladder, pancreas and other organs of intense work in the postprandial will send information to the brain, Cause brain active and spread to other parts of the cerebral cortex, Resulting in unable to sleep at night. But as long as choose decent food, eat timely and appropriately, it can not only result in a good night's sleep, and can also achieve weight loss effects like the effects of zi xiu tang bee pollen diet pills(, result in more pretty.

Whole wheat bread
Efficacy: whole wheat flour contains a wealth of vitamins B, It has to maintain a healthy nervous system, eliminate irritability, and promote sleep, It is suitable for people who have hours of sleep disorders. Compared with refined white bread, whole wheat bread contains more fiber, vitamin E and zinc, potassium and other minerals, there is also a cosmetic effect. Whole-wheat bread is rich in fiber, eat it is easy to feel full, reducing caloric intake indirectly.
Eating method: If you feel hungry before bedtime, eat one piece or two, not more, and do not wipe butter.

Efficacy: milk is highly respected sleep food. Its effectiveness comes from its two hypnotic substances: Tryptophan, which can promote brain cells secrete neurotransmitters Drowsy; Natural morphine-like substances like opium can be combined with the nervous system, analgesia, make the body feel comfortable, help relieve fatigue, then promote sleep. Milk contains many vitamins, which can moisturize the skin and prevent skin aging and promote skin metabolism. Milk can also help lose weight, the high content calcium can help the body burn fat.
Eating method: drink a glass of warm milk before bedtime, if add honey, drink it 1 hour before bedtime, the effect is more pronounced.

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