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The building inspection and surveying industry are starting to appreciate the benefits of small unmanned drones as a tool for surveying buildings, especially for roofs and other inaccessible locations.
Drones are changing the game when it comes to roof inspections, making them safer and more efficient for construction companies around the world.
Thermal cameras and Optical-Zoom Capable Cameras are powerful tools for conducting roof inspections. Thermal Cameras can point out the wet areas on a roof, where heat is retained longer than dry areas. After the sun goes down and a roof begins to cool, thermal imagery also detects these temperature differences and helps inspectors pinpoint areas of concern that warrant a closer look. Thats where the Optical-Zoom Capable Cameras come into play.

By allowing inspectors to perform remote inspections with real-time information, drone mapping reduces the amount of time workers spend in dangerous areas. If an inspector can reduce the time spent on a roof by 3–4 hours, that’s 3–4 hours he is on the ground and out of harm’s way.
As thermal sensors become smaller, lighter and less expensive, applications for thermal imaging and inspection continue to take off. Whether you’re inspecting HVAC units, wind turbines, roofs, cell towers or solar farms – even finding missing people, thermal imaging and inspection can provide invaluable information in so many applications. For example, Repid Assessment & problem area identification, Compehensive scans of large buildings, Roof assessment for property owners/designers/insurance claims, Report highlighting areas of possible leaks, damage and roof failures, the best aerial thermal imaging technology and perfeft for steep/unaccessible roofs or structures.
Thermal Imaging Inspection
We use drone-mounted full radiometric thermal cameras to inspect sites and assets for leakages, concealed defects and problematic temperature variations. The use of drones is particularly well-suited to high, difficult to reach assets.
This solution overcomes the challenges of surveying large and inaccessible areas, offering a technique which is quicker, safer and creates significant cost efficiencies.
Identify problems before failure occurs
The speed, ease and cost of drone-based thermal inspection means this workscope can be carried out more frequently than traditional methods. In turn, this means identified areas can be monitored more often until maintenance or replacement can take place, ensuring failure does not occur.
Reduce costs
Avoid the expense of using helicopters or the time inefficiency caused by conducting inspections manually.
Detailed, accurate data
Manual thermal inspections are often slow to undertake and can provide inaccurate data, particularly from high or difficult to access areas. Avoid guesswork and incorrect decision making with detailed, actionable data.
For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at: Mavic 2 Enterprise, DJI Matrice, Tello, Fly More Kit, Smart Controller.
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