How The Color Of Your Phone And Laptop Case Can Improve Your Mood And Productivity

Posted February 6, 2022 by peratu73

Did you know that the colours around you — including the colours of your phone or MacBook cases — can also have an effect on what you feel and on your performance?

The food you eat, the weather and the temperature, the hours of your sleep. These are all known factors that can affect your mood and productivity. But did you know that the colours around you — including the colours of your phone or MacBook cases — can also have an effect on what you feel and on your performance?

Colours Matter

Colours leave a significant impact. This is why the advertisements or packaging of certain products are as such — many cleaning products are white, gadgets are silver, and restaurants have red logos. This is also why you see interior designers taking the time to choose a colour scheme for a home or an office.

The colour palette for a room that wants to exude a relaxing atmosphere would be different from that of a room that needs to be conducive for working. In a home office or a traditional workspace, for instance, you’ll find things and surfaces with shades of green or blue.

And because you’re relying a lot on your laptop or mobile phone, it only makes sense to be careful which colour should you choose for their case. Especially now that everything virtually involves something digital at a degree — and remote or hybrid work is becoming the norm — you can expect to spend more time with these essential devices.

As your eyes will be inevitably looking at them, you can leverage this very fact to boost your mood and your productivity.

The Colours of Concentration and Productivity

So, what should be the colour of your laptop and phone cases? Here are our top recommendations:

Blue. Blue is a colour that calms. It’s commonly associated with the ocean and sky — and it gives a sense of relaxation. According to studies, it can also slow down your heart rate and lower blood pressure. If you’re feeling anxious about your task and its deadline, the colour blue can help stimulate your mind and switch on that productivity button.

Green. Why do many home offices and workspaces have real plants or art pieces featuring plants in them? One reason is that green is a restful colour. While blue is linked with the sky and water, green will remind you of nature.

Orange. This colour is linked to the sun setting over the horizon. As awe-inspiring as the image it paints, orange is also a tried-and-tested mood lifter. It doesn’t just offer comfort; more importantly, it improves neural functioning to help you ace that task delegated to you.

Yellow. If you’re in the creative field, you should consider adding yellow to your workspace. Or better yet, in the very case of your gadgets. This colour is sure to boost creativity and optimism.

Brown. Brown is one colour of elegance and authority. If you want to feel empowered, it’s a wise colour to incorporate into where you work. This is also a great choice aesthetics-wise because it can easily complement your overall colour palette.

Buy The Right Phone and MacBook Cases For You

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