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Posted August 25, 2022 by perfectjammer

The progress of society and the development of science and technology have made smart phones popular all over the world and spread widely.

The progress of society and the development of science and technology have made smart phones popular all over the world and spread widely. Almost everyone has a mobile phone. This reflects the improvement of people's living standards, but it also brings many problems, including your children playing games on their mobile phones every day, watching videos on their mobile phones, and letting them grow up immersed in the virtual world. The world, immersed in the game, this will not only affect their learning, but also cause certain damage to their eyes, light ones can lead to myopia, serious ones can lead to glaucoma, or even blindness, maybe you don't want that serious, but it is The truth is happening all around us. In addition, they are still using mobile phones to chat, live broadcast, live broadcast, and some even gossip on the Internet, which will cause damage to their psychology. I suggest that children should not be immersed in mobile phones and virtual network worlds since childhood. They should Let them calm down and study hard, exercise more, it is good for them. Of course, this is just a matter of writing, the damage caused by cell phones and wifi signals is huge. The strength of the wifi signal will be interfered, and wifi will also have certain security risks, so it is very important to use a wifi signal jammer.
With the development of mobile phones, people's demand for the Internet is getting higher and higher, and the demand for traffic is also getting higher and higher. People's Daily traffic is as high as 3G or even higher, so people rely on WiFi signals. This has led to the proliferation of WiFi networks. It can be seen that WiFi networks will appear in cinemas, restaurants, stations and other places. It provides convenience for people, but it also brings some troubles to people. For example, in public places, there is WiFi, people can use their mobile phones to watch videos with their mobile phones and so on. If everyone is good at obeying the rules in public places, then it's not a big problem. But how can I meet everyone, so some people with lower quality never take into account the opinions and feelings of others, and enjoy themselves. In a quiet place, they disturb others to rest by making phone calls, watching TV, playing games, listening to music, etc. This will inevitably lead to such problems, why install a WiFi signal? How can there be such a person?

In a public place, while you're happily connected to free WiFi, chances are your phone's background is quietly clicking ads. According to the newly released "2017 China Public WiFi Security Report in the First Half of 2017" by the WiFi network sharing platform Master Key, the monitoring of hotspot risks shows that more than 99% of the risk is that users click on advertisements through passive network tampering.

WiFi can allow people to enjoy the Internet, but it cannot be an artifact for victims or an accomplice to criminals. The dangers of public WiFi have pushed the full coverage of official secure WiFi. For example, the government will increase the operation and maintenance of public free WiFi, which will greatly reduce the public's trap of public WiFi.
On the one hand, WiFi signals do bring convenience to people. On the other hand, it also has some negative effects on people's lives. So, is there no way to solve this problem? Will WiFi work and not cause so much trouble for people? The answer is yes, there is a simple and crude way to use a wireless wifi bluetooth jammer.
wifi frequency jammers are devices that interfere with WiFi signals and interfere with WiFi frequencies. On the one hand, using a WiFi jammer can keep your kids out of the virtual world, away from the virtual world. Let your family spend less time on the phone and make time for you. Make public spaces more comfortable; etc. On the other hand, it is also very important that there may be security risks in public WiFi now. Some criminals may use WiFi to attack other devices connected to the same WiFi, steal information and other terrible things, and use WiFi jammers to solve them very well. To solve the problem, make your online time safer, need quiet time more comfortable, let your children grow up healthily without indulging in the online world, and make your life better.

Jammer mart provides you with a variety of styles of wifi disruptors with powerful functions. These jammers have a large range, and some can adjust the interference range, which does not affect the use of neighbors' WiFi. It is only for signal interference, and will not affect other electronic devices, let alone cause harm to the human body.
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