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Posted June 1, 2020 by pristineortho

The orthodontists in Plano Tx prefer to place molar bands on the back teeth to fix the bite, teeth, or any other dental issue.

The orthodontists in Plano Tx prefer to place molar bands on the back teeth to fix the bite, teeth, or any other dental issue. Since molar bands are increasingly gaining momentum,let us help you understand why some people need these bands along with the benefits of using molar bands. Such services are available in most cheap orthodontics in Plano.

What Are The Molar Bands?

Molar bands are essentially tiny rings that fit around the back molars. These rings are made of stainless steel or metal and are fitted by orthodontists when placing a set of braces on the teeth. The Orthodontist in Plano Tx often recommends molar bands to people having corrective jaw surgeries. This allows less risk of broken brackets as the molar bands are quite durable and reasonably fit the teeth.

Are Molar Bands Painful?

Having a headband around the molars isn’t usually painful as the orthodontist first places elastic separators or spacers between the teeth. These spacers are worn by the patient for a few hours or a few days to slightly separate the teeth and make room for each molar band. After a few visits, the orthodontist then places each molar band around the molar tooth and secures it with bonding glue. Although some people often experience some soreness around the teeth or gums but this discomfort is usually temporary and subsides after some time.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Molar Bands?

When you ask an orthodontist incheap orthodontics in Plano about the benefits of using molar bands, they will tell you about the following benefits.

The molar bands are quite strong and therefore not likely to loosen over time.

Some orthodontists opt to use brackets to anchor archwires in place. The design of brackets is such that it makes it easier to brush and floss between the back teeth thus resulting in better dental health.

Orthodontists enjoy considerable freedom as it is quite easy to add additional parts to the molar bands such as appliances that expand or recede.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Molar Bands?

Though molar bands in all probability are quite safe there are some still some downsides of opting for molar bands such as:

Molar bands generally increase the risk of tooth decay.

A molar band completely encircles the tooth thus making it difficult to brush or floss, a cavity then develops if the food gets stuck between the tooth and the band.

The downsides of using molar bands can be effectively mitigated by regularly brushing and flossing the teeth to prevent tooth decay. Generally speaking, molar bands are recommended to patients who have a sizable gap to close or need to realign the bite along with straightening the teeth.

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