How nature can be cleaned through chemical decomposition

Posted November 3, 2020 by pyrolyze

Pyrolysis is commonly used to convert organic materials into a solid residue containing ash and carbon, small quantities of liquid and gases.

Pyrolysis is a process of chemically decomposing organic materials at elevated temperatures in the absence of oxygen. The process typically occurs at temperatures above 430 °C (800 °F) and under pressure. It simultaneously involves the change of physical phase and chemical composition and is an irreversible process. Extreme pyrolysis naphtha yields carbon as the residue and the process is called carbonization.

There are three types of pyrolytic reactions as per the Pyrolyze company is differentiated by the processing time and temperature of the biomass.

1. Slow pyrolysis is characterized by lengthy solids and gas residence times, low temperatures and slow biomass heating rates. The residence time of gas may be over five seconds and that of biomass may range from minutes to days.

2. Flash pyrolysis occurs at rapid heating rates and moderate temperatures. However, the vapor residence time of this process is less than 2s. Flash pyrolysis produces fewer amounts of gas and tar when compared to slow pyrolysis.

3. Fast Pyrolysis is primarily used to produce bio-oil and gas. Char is accumulated in large quantities and has to be removed frequently.

The key benefits of pyrolysis include the following:

a) It is a simple, inexpensive technology for processing a wide variety of feed stocks.
b) It reduces waste going to landfill and greenhouse gas emissions.
c) It reduces the risk of water pollution.
d) It has the potential to reduce the country’s dependence on imported energy resources
e) Waste management with the help of modern pyrolysis technology is inexpensive than disposal to landfills.

Mobile Pyrolysis Plant is for biomass gasification. Gasification is the thermo-chemical method by which carbonaceous ingredients can be transformed into synthesis gas or producer gas.

Gasifier application plays key role in biomass utilization same as a renewable power resource by the gasification process. Design of biomass gasifier is determined by the category of source fuel utilized and the portability of gasifier.

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