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Posted October 21, 2021 by specialcats

Vacations are fun, but your cat may not always be able to join you on your trip out of town. Making an informed decision about whether to hire a cat sitter or board your cat.

A cat sitting service may be your best option if you feel better at ease knowing your cat will be at home while you're gone. However, boarding may be a better option if you are hesitant to give someone access to your house or if you reside in an inconvenient location that makes cat check-ins difficult.

Which is best: A sitter or boarding?

Because cats require less daily care than dogs, Cat Sitters are a popular alternative for travelling cat owners. That does not, however, imply that cats may be left alone for days at a time without supervision.Highly nervous cats, cats that don't get along with other animals or humans, cats who are sensitive to noise, geriatric pets, and cats with impairments who require additional particular attention and care may benefit from cat sitting.

In the end, your cat's personality will determine whether you should board your cat or hire a sitter to come to your home.

If you believe your cat may be distressed if you leave him alone for lengthy periods of time, you should probably consider boarding him in a kennel or cat hotel. Regular attention may prevent cat from growing bored and misbehaving.On the other hand, if your cat isn't a particularly social creature, a facility with other pets and odd noises may be too stressful for him, and it's advisable to hire a professional Cat Sitter in that instance.

Searching for a cat sitter

There are several advantages to hiring a Cat Sitter. While you're away, your cat may relax in a familiar setting. If you have numerous pets that would normally require individual kennel costs, it may be a more cost-effective option. Another advantage is that the sitter's regular visits will give your house the impression of being inhabited, thus reducing the risk of a break-in while you're gone.

A professional Cat Sitter, as well as a friend or family member who is acquainted with caring for cats or, even better, with your individual pet(s), might be a fantastic choice. Just make sure you're comfortable with anyone you pick before entrusting your pet to them.

Choosing the trueCat care service facility

You'll need to look around for the proper kennel if you settle on a Cat care service. Grooming, medical care, daily playing, and feeding services for cats with particular dietary needs are all available at certain kennels. Some veterinarian clinics also provide cat care. Check out the cat section of any kennel before making a decision. Consider the following factors while visiting a cat care provider.

There should be enough room between the cat and dog quarters. A large bunch of dogs' activity and noise may bother your cat.

Make sure the kennels and litter boxes are clean. Dirt and hair should be removed from the floors and accessories.

Your cat should be able to sleep away from the litter box in a spacious enough enclosure. They should ideally feature a shelf for perching above the ground as well as privacy barriers. For cats who prefer to hide, open cages can be unpleasant.

During their stay, your cat's bed or a T-shirt with your smell might give extra comfort. This is not permitted in all kennels, so check ahead of time.

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Specialcats of Ayr is a licensed outdoor style of cat only boarding cattery, located five miles from Ayr. We are a small bespoke cattery specialising in individual care for our guests. Listed by International Cat Care (was FAB) as providing excellent quality of care, construction and management, the cattery is designed to be a comfortable, secure and interesting holiday home for your feline friend.
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