Selecting Holiday Care for your Cat

Posted October 21, 2021 by specialcats

The holiday season is already in full swing! Now that summer has here, millions of us are busy making plans for our next big vacation.

If you're planning a trip to the beach, sun, and leisure, finding the proper cat vacation care is certainly at the top of your priority list. But, with more options than than before, which one is the best?

What to Think About

Begin by considering what is best for your cat. Cats, like humans, have a variety of personalities and temperaments. Is your cat fearful of other animals or friendly and outgoing? You'll have peace of mind while you're away if you choose cat holiday care that's suitable for your cat.

You must have confidence in the care you are providing for your cat. Always check for current reviews and inquire about insurance, experience, and qualifications. If you're thinking of visiting a cattery or a pet hotel, schedule a visit to ensure you're satisfied with the facilities on offer.

Whatever choice you pick for your cat's care while you're away, make it as easy as possible for him to acclimate. Make sure they have their favourite toys and blankets, as well as some of your clothing — your scent will convince your cat that you will return!

What are the Choices for Cat Holiday Care?

Cat hotels – For a touch of luxury, cat hotels provide luxurious boarding facilities for cats; some even include under-floor heating, manicures, and a chauffeur service – but at a premium.

Friends, family, or neighbours – Cats are solitary creatures who like to be alone. To keep your cat happy and safe, have relatives, neighbours, or friends visit twice a day. However, while neighbours are delighted to replenish food and drink, they are frequently unable to devote the time and care that your cat need.

Catteries - Catteries, like cat hotels, provide boarding services for your cat while you are away on vacation. While it is a pleasant alternative, cats are frequently confined in cages for lengthy periods of time, and the new noises and scents can be upsetting.

Cat Sitters - A popular alternative to catteries or pet hotels is cat sitting. Cat sitters are paid to visit your house twice a day, on average. They will replenish food and water, change litter, administer meds as needed, and spend time lavishing love and attention on your cat!

About The Cat nursing service

Cat nursing service provides a one-of-a-kind cat care service all across the country. The cat sitters are all cat lovers, and the Cat Nursing service is tailored to the specific needs of each cat you look for.
The following are some of the reasons why Cat Nursing Service is so unique:

All of the cat nursing services have been thoroughly verified, insured, and trained, and ongoing assistance is been provided.

Cat sitters with veterinary training and expertise providing a wide range of medications are available.
The Cat Nursing Service is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and often on short notice.
Feeding and watering cats, changing litter, grooming, providing medicine if necessary, and, of course, plenty of care and attention are all part of cat nursing services.

Bringing in the mail/deliveries, opening and shutting curtains, switching lights on/off, putting out/taking in trash bins, and watering inside and patio plants were all included in the free home security service.
Your vacation time is valuable, and you need to be able to unwind knowing that your cat is safe and secure. If you want complete peace of mind while your cat is on vacation, cat sitting is the ideal answer, as it includes both home care and security!

About the Company:

Specialcats of Ayr is a licensed outdoor style of cat only boarding cattery, located five miles from Ayr. We are a small bespoke cattery specialising in individual care for our guests. Listed by International Cat Care (was FAB) as providing excellent quality of care, construction and management, the cattery is designed to be a comfortable, secure and interesting holiday home for your feline friend.
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