The New Normal, and Zoom is the Usual, But Please Wear Pants

Posted August 19, 2020 by stilsonlewis

How long will it take for outbreaks to stop sweeping over our lands? Is the New Normal really going to become, well, just normal?

Good afternoon and welcome to the fifeteenthousandth video conference of the Human Rights Working Group, ....Animal Rights Activists International, ...All Americas' Highway Maintenance, ... the Parent Teacher Association of Miss Millie's Kindergarten, you get the idea, yes? The New Normal! The phrase is not The New Temporary. So let us look at what the word "normal" really means. I asked Siri and she said,"conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected." "made according to a carpenter's square" from Latin, norma "rule, Pattern" literally, "a carpenter's square." So. This is the New Normal and carries us toward the future. Shirts and ties on top, or blouses and pearls... and what on the bottom???!!

So maybe we can weave in and out of phases of quarantine and pay attention to areas that may need stricter lockdown as fast as a fiash, apply contact tracing, and isolate those who need it for themselves, and those in their environment. We need to be willing to help our groups, neighbors and families with the use of very consistent, good hygiene. Washing hands often, showering upon returning home, using hand sanitizer when out and about, and wearring gloves are all now part of the standard to which we must conform. Yes I know, conforming sounds so sheep like, but we survive in groups. The Normal. Most importantly, WEAR MASKS. Balance your rights and responsibilities. It is easier to do this with a guide, and a really good one is the Volunteer Ministers Stay Well guide. There are videos on line thsat cover the important areas mentioned above, and there are printed booklets available for free. If this is going to be normal, let's do it well! We will all move forward because as L. Ron Hubbard said, "Something can be done about it." Go to, and find out how.
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Issued By Martha Stilson
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Last Updated August 19, 2020