Mistakes to Avoid With Electric Fencing

Posted March 7, 2016 by structurda

There are people who build an electric fences around their property for the purpose of protecting the animals they have inside the fence.

Most people think setting up an electric fence is just as easy as setting up non-electric fences. They do not take into account the sensitivity of the charges associated with electric fencing. Because of this, there are several common mistake people make when setting up their electric fences that render them useless. Below are some common mistakes and ways to avoid them.

However, because of the tautness of the fence, if an animal tries to break through, they usually damage the fence and uproot the posts. The posts should be spread further apart to allow some give in the fence. This way, if an animal tries to break through, the fence will give some without breaking or uprooting the posts. Since the fence gives instead of breaking, it allows the animal to feel the full force of the electric shock guaranteeing that the animal will think twice before charging the fence again.

What is a surprise is that wet grass lying on the fence can absorb the charge from the fence rendering it useless. To avoid this common mistake, keep grass around the fence cut short. Otherwise, if you cannot cut the grass on a regular basis, wire the bottom of the fence separately from the top and install a separate switch. That way, when the grass is high, you can turn off the switch for the lower part of the fence and keep the charge on the upper portion.

The purpose of an electric fence is to deliver a shock to an animal to keep it in, or out, of the fence. Some people think they have purchased faulty fencing when animals escape because they were not deterred by the shock. However, the lack of shock may be attributed to the setup of the fence as opposed to the fence itself. To avoid this mistake, make sure you install a strong charger. Also, if you do not have a voltmeter, get one. This is the only way for you to know if the shock is strong enough. If all else fails, check the size of your wires. The bigger your wires, the more electricity they carry.

Electric fencing is used as a barrier to prevent animals or even people from escaping a property and also stops them from entering. The shock voltages of this kind of fence can be classified as moderate, painful and lethal. A person that owns this kind of fencing should get a proper permit from the local office and have it properly inspected and classified. The energiser can convert low power to generate it into a bigger quantity that radiates an electric shock on animals and humans. An electric fence, by rule of thumb, should not kill people or animals. Its main purpose is to shock them and keep them away from the property.
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