Electric Vehicle Manufacturers Introduce The Maintenance Requirements Of Electric Vehicles

Posted December 9, 2020 by taizhousuqier

Electric Vehicle Manufacturers introduces maintenance tips for electric vehicles:

Electric Vehicle Manufacturers introduces maintenance tips for electric vehicles:

1. Frequent braking will inevitably be accompanied by frequent starting, which will cause the frequent high-current discharge of the battery, and power failure will have a negative impact on its life.

Countermeasures: Pay attention to safety when driving, drive at an appropriate speed, and try to avoid frequent braking.

2. Tire pressure, the smoothness of rim rotation, "tire pressure" is actually what we usually say about insufficient air. Although these two factors seem to be irrelevant, the tires are not fully inflated, which will increase the resistance of the electric vehicle to move forward, which will force the motor to exert greater force and consume limited electricity in vain.

Countermeasures: Check whether the tires are fully inflated and whether the rim rotates smoothly before each ride. A small test can make your car easier to operate.

3. For different road conditions, electric bicycles are not suitable for driving on poor or steep roads. If there are more uphills on the way to work, we will find that the mileage on a charge will be much less than on a flat highway.

Countermeasures: When starting, going uphill, carrying a heavy load, or driving against the wind, please use the manpower to assist the riding. This will not only guarantee your battery and motor but also extend the service life.

4. Use in rainy weather to avoid excessive sun and rain. The driving speed in winter should be appropriately reduced. When braking, pay attention to increase the braking distance to prevent sideslip and U-turn, so as not to endanger personal safety. Although the electric bicycle has good waterproof performance, when passing through water pools, stagnant water, etc., the height of the wading should not be higher than the hub to prevent water from entering the motor and causing damage; do not wash with high-pressure water jets to prevent electronic components and wiring from being flooded Cause damage.

Countermeasures: If a flooding accident occurs accidentally, please turn off the power immediately, remove the battery, and go to the store for inspection as soon as possible. Before overhauling, never use an electric drive again.

Through the above introduction, Sport High Power E-Bike Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.
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