10 Ways That 3D Printing Will Change the World

Posted October 22, 2018 by the3dprinterstore02

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3D printing technology has already revolutionized the business world, and it isn’t done yet! In a matter of a few short years, 3D printing will further change the way we work and do things. Here are a few things in our lives that will change as a result of 3D printing.
1 – Better education
The process of learning will be greatly improved with 3D printing technology. Subjects like technology, engineering, and health sciences that were previously very difficult to understand will be made much more simple. As technological developments and streamlining in production makes 3D printers more affordable, more schools will be able to purchase them.
2 – Superior design
3D printing will allow for faster and superior design, whether it is for vehicles, clothing, or even food for consumption. Since it takes less time, manufacturers will be able to put more time into other things, like streamlining the production process or bettering the design itself. As a result, products will be released to the market more quickly than before.
3 – Improved quality of life
People suffering from medical conditions who require implants, prosthetics, and other such artificial parts will be able to improve their quality of life with 3D printing. Whatever they need can be custom printed exactly according to their requirements.
4 – Less wastage
There will be significant improvements when it comes to factory efficiency. Since 3D printing uses additive manufacturing rather than subtractive manufacturing, there will be less waste materials produced. Each factory will also require fewer workers to keep things up and running.
5 – Copyright issues
3D printing makes it easier to duplicate another object. As a result, there are sure to be issues regarding copyright. Intellectual property laws will therefore have to shift to entertain new technology.
6 – Rapid prototyping
Bringing to life an idea in your head will be easier than ever with 3D printing. Prototyping is more efficient than ever, and product engineers will therefore have more time to concentrate on the functionality of the product and make sure it is working well.
7 – Dental care
Taking care of your teeth will soon be effortless. If you need to fix a tooth, a digital camera can capture your damaged tooth and a 3D printer will produce a replacement in no time. The process for teeth replacement, veneers, crowns, dentures, and a great many other things will be greatly eased.
8 – Inexpensive housing
Constructing parts for houses will soon be more inexpensive and better for the environment. China has already begun to use 3D printing in this way, putting together inexpensive homes with reused materials.
9 – Previously impossible products
Some items are impossible or close to impossible to produce without 3D printing. Whether it is because of the complexity of the material or the intricacy of the design, 3D printing can manufacture products that were previously deemed unattainable.
10 – A new industry
It’s only a matter of time before it becomes commonplace to see a 3D printing shop at the local mall. Soon, people will be purchasing custom items online, and collecting them at the local print shop, who will receive the designs on the internet.
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