Advantages of Using 3D Printing

Posted October 15, 2018 by the3dprinterstore02

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Have you ever asked yourself what you can make with a 3D printer?
If you are speculating what this technology really provides, then this page is for you. We will give you an idea of the advantages that 3D printing delivers.
The functions and capabilities of 3D printing are endless. This technology is used in the packaging, automotive, aircraft, and health care industries. To better comprehend the capacity of 3D printing, here are some of the benefits that it is able to provide.
#1 Affordable
The conventional methods of prototyping injection mold tools and production runs are quite costly. An outstanding 3D printer provides cheaper options to produce parts and tools via additive manufacturing at a cost significantly lower than traditional manufacturing.
The medical field, for instance, requires an abundance of surgical tools. 3D printing surgical tools such as clamps, forceps, hemostats, and scalpel handles is much more cost-effective than purchasing the stainless steel equivalent.
Additionally, 3D printing prosthetics is less costly compared to purchasing traditionally-manufactured ones. Prosthetics for specific parts of the body – the hands, for example – are exposed to so much wear and tear that a single prosthetic could cost you up to $10,000, which is quite a sum.
For kids whose prosthetic limbs have to be replaced in a few short months, purchasing a traditional prosthetic each time they outgrow it is expensive and impractical.
With 3D printing, customization is a breeze. Getting a new one will set you back a mere couple hundred dollars. Thus, it is more inexpensive.
#2 Mitigate Risk
If you are working on a project, it is useful to 3D print a test prototype prior to spending a large sum on an expensive mold. Should any alterations be deemed necessary, a redesign can be carried out with ease, minimizing the risk of manufacturing an expensive prototype for it to be altered anyways.
Printing a production-ready prototype allows for the manufacturer to be sure it is what they need before making a large investment. 3D printing makes this possible at a shorter duration and an inexpensive price.
#3 Rapid Production
Conventional prototype manufacturing involves tooling and machining. The costs of labor and equipment add up as production goes on.
The process in its entirety may take weeks, or even months. The worst part is that your first prototype is never really your last. It is constantly necessary to perform a redesign and undergo the same challenges all over again.
It is not easy to build a sustainable business with conventional prototyping due to the fact that so much time is wasted. Everyone from the CEO down to the client feels infuriated each time they wait for their designs to be prototyped.
3D printing, on the other hand, can finish your prototype in a matter of hours. If you build it in the evening, you can anticipate its completion the next morning.
After the creator has finished with the design, it is easy to convert it to a file readable by the printer and print it. The procedure requires no further involvement.
Since the process takes a shorter amount of time, no one will be delayed and products can be marketed more quickly. Even when redesigning prototypes, the process can still be done rapidly, taking no more than a week.
There will be a faster turnaround and greater productivity. With 3D printing, what previously took months will only take a matter of days.
#4 Customizable
The majority of industrial firms use mass production to manufacture their merchandise. This means that the goods going through a specific assembly line use the same mold and will ultimately have alike features and build. Mass production makes it challenging for a product to be special.
With 3D printing however, you can customize anything by changing a part of the prototype so it is able to meet your desires. For example, the customization of 3D prints is used in medical and dental fields.
3D printing gives users the liberty of customizing anything at no additional fees. That way, people are able to differentiate themselves when it comes to fashion or jewelry.
#5 Tool-less
With conventional industrial manufacturing, fabrication of tools takes time, labor, and money. When it comes to low to medium volume applications in industrial 3D printing however, all three can be minimized. This is one of many benefits that manufacturers are able to take advantage of that can really make a difference for the company.
#6 Difficult Structures are Made Easy
The conventional production technique relies on molding and cutting technologies in order to manufacture the desired structure. Before 3D printing, the addition of holes that change direction, unrealistic overhangs, or square interior cavities were difficult to bring to life. Now, 3D printing has made it possible for complicated structures to be printed with ease.
For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at Filament, Anet, Wanhao, Flashforge, Creatlity

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