7 Ways Waste Shredding Helps Save Our Environment

Posted May 20, 2021 by waste06

Need help managing your workplace waste? Here's how shredding helps save Mother Earth.

You don’t have to embark on large-scale projects to do your part in saving the planet. By simply making your waste management London efforts more environmentally conscious, you can already contribute significantly. And one way to manage your waste better — especially if a large portion of it is made of paper materials — is through shredding.

This article discusses seven ways waste shredding can help protect the environment.

It helps recycle waste. Compared to throwing paper wastes directly into your trash bin (and potentially jeopardise important information written on them), hiring professional shredding services London is a way healthier and safer choice. Many reputable shredding companies make it a part of their commitment to send shredded papers into recycling facilities.

It provides material for other applications. While shredded papers are considered to be low-grade, it doesn’t mean that they’re not useful. They can be repurposed and be used as a packing material. It’s a great help for the packing industry because common materials like styrofoam are more expensive to produce and are environmentally hazardous. These papers can also be reused for insulation purposes. Cellulose insulation is durable and is more cost-effective than its fibreglass counterpart.

It produces potential compost material. Another common use for shredded papers is composting. While food waste is one of the more popular composting materials, waste management London companies are also now using paper waste to help enrich garden soil. Shredded paper can break down more easily, making it an ideal by-product to compost.

It reduces landfill. Did you know that paper can be recycled up to seven times? Because of this high recyclability rate, landfill reduction is a natural subsequent benefit if you resort to paper recycling efforts like shredding. If there’s less paper decomposing in landfills, it can also reduce the level of carbon being emitted into the atmosphere.

It minimises the need to cut down trees. Paper shredding and recycling won’t only reduce the presence of paper waste in landfills across the UK. It could also result in less deforestation. By minimising the need to cut down trees, you can contribute to humanity’s collective effort of achieving an optimal balance of gases in our atmosphere (One tree can absorb 14 pounds of carbon dioxide annually).

It conserves natural resources. Manufacturing paper-based products out of trees entail different processes that consume water and energy. By having less need for these processes, these natural resources can be conserved as well.

It can economically help the environment. Shredding papers can go a long way. Apart from conserving natural resources, you also help in reducing the expenses associated with paper manufacturing — from fuel and transport costs to labour, machine, and chemical costs. Savings from these activities can be diverted into sustainability-focused projects.

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