Film Spy Capital-an exciting combo of action, thrilling facts, and chilling secrets

Posted January 26, 2021 by WestsideStudios

The documentary supports and illustrates a popular claim that Vienna, the Austrian capital, has been playing a role of a true world spy capital for the last hundred years and more.

Spy movies are always in demand with great global hits. This genre of movies enjoys a fixed fan base
probably because of the mind-blowing reeled presentation of exciting pastime, hi-tech delights,
and exotic locations. Many Hit spy films combine the thrill of action and science fiction sets, which
entices the audience with awe-struck surprise on the spool.
But the film Spy Capital is a little bit different in this spy film genre. The film deals with 9 interesting and
spine-chilling episodes that took place in one location, and that is Vienna, the Austrian capital. Here
beside the stories, the location also plays an interesting role with its background, where Vienna is called
the SPY center of the world.
With 122 embassies, 7000 actively operating spies, and lots of secretly open espionage network, Vienna
has contributed its persona in the plot progression since the last century, and that has added unique tweak
and twist for the viewers while watching the reel rolling on. As per the Director and Producer of the film
Dennis Dewall, lots of shocking secrets will be revealed in this 47-minute spy world documentary, and it
is worth watching.
The script is written in the period from 1910. It is based on the startling espionage case of Colonel Alfred
Redl, who became the head of the Counterintelligence Department of the General Staff of the Austro-
Hungarian Army, while at the same time he was performing as a double-crossing ‘mole’ spying for the
political rival Russians. When his true identity was exposed, and as the result of the revelation, Redl
committed suicide in May 1913. The film ends with the story of the 2010 exchange in the Vienna
International Airport of the group of 10 Russian secret agents who had functioned in the USA to four
Western intelligence assets trapped in Russia, including Colonel Sergey Skripal. Colonel Sergey Skripal
was a double agent who had operated for both the Russian military intelligence or KGB and the British
Secret Service (SIS or MI6). Nine spy episodes are there in the film, including the latest case of Austrian
colonel Martin Möller (2020).
To cut the long story short, the film will be an authentic documentary that deals with the real-life spy
network and will reveal lots of under-the-table deals for the public. You can expect that it will create a
milestone in the spy movie genre, and you will get to see the movie in the theater in April 2021.
The team Spy Network is working relentlessly to make the film a flawless one. It’s under the production
process. But to make it realistic and technologically flawless, the team needs €50,000, and thus, the team​
is looking for supporters (backers) to add multilayered authenticity of historical footage, which we need
to purchase by paying a huge cost. Here voluntary support can make a big difference to create something
unique, authentic and realistic. It is all about producing something important that world should know
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