The Greatest Quran Teacher Was an Illiterate Man, Prophet Muhammad

Posted June 17, 2020 by davidwilliam

Teacher gives the second most important lessons in life after parents. For many, teacher leaves a strong influence in building up character through the course of life.

Youngsters prefer to follow their teachers. A teacher can influence a pupil so much that he can live a full course of time spending and working on the lessons. This is true for most of the people. Muslims consider prophet Muhammad as the greatest teacher ever. It is their belief and they follow the lessons taught by this great prophet. Muslims believe God chose him to be the final messenger for them on this human world. He was the biggest Quran teacher who spent all his life to convey messages from God. Even after being an illiterate man he set the highest standard of education thousand years ago.

Islam does not pray for any structured God. They pray to the eternal power. Muslims follows what their great teacher has asked to do. He showed how human should act. School refers to the place to spread these lessons taught by the greatest Quran Teacher in all time, Prophet Muhammad. That’s the only way to show right track to the youngsters. There are certain stern protocols that a Muslim child has to act during his learning process.

Hard work is the main route of success and as a student studying vigorously is the only way of it. Student must engage themselves in the learning process so much that nothing can take away their concentration. Quran Lessons should be the first priority of the pupils. Learn and study make a child aware of so many things. It develops the sense of right and wrong in terms of their act. It is always essential to listen and follow what the teacher is saying. It is better to study while understanding and getting actual knowledge of the text. Mugging up is not enough to get the actual flavour of the Holy Quran. It has the essence of life and getting every bit out it should be the target of a Muslim student.

Then comes the necessity of respecting teacher. Teacher refers to the symbol of education and knowledge for every student. They have to show their utmost respect to the Quran Teacher. The attitude and level of qualification of teachers vary from person to person. It does not mean they are bad and students should respect those who are friendly and helpful. A teacher is an education preacher for a student and each and every person has to be respected.

Prophet Muhammad showed the road to God with humanity and helpfulness. A student must learn how to be helpful toward others. Students should learn how to forward hands to a needy person not only in terms of money rather in-kind terms as well. A well learned Quran Tutor conveys this message to the students first and from very initial age Muslim students get the habit of helping others. This is the most pious terms of becoming a human rather than a just a good student.
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Last Updated June 17, 2020