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Guangzhou Ascend Precision Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in fluid precision control systems and solutions.

When welding aluminum and aluminum alloy weldments, the oxide film and oil on the surface of the weld port of the workpiece should be strictly removed before welding, and the quality of removal directly affects the welding operation and the quality of the joint, such as the tendency of welding porosity generation and mechanical properties, etc. Two methods of chemical cleaning and mechanical cleaning are often used.

1、Chemical cleaning

Chemical cleaning is highly efficient, stable quality, suitable for cleaning wire and size is not large, batch production of workpieces. Cleaning range should include the parts within 100mm on each side of the bevel surface of the weld, cleaning methods are dipping method and scrubbing method, the former is suitable for smaller size of the welded parts. Available acetone, gasoline, kerosene, D40 and other organic solvents scrub the surface to remove oil.

2、 Mechanical cleaning

In the workpiece size is larger, longer production cycle, multi-layer welding or chemical cleaning and the surface is stained, often using mechanical cleaning: first with organic solvents (acetone, gasoline, anhydrous ethanol) to wipe the surface to remove oil, followed directly by φ0.15mm fine copper wire brush or stainless steel wire brush for grinding, to reveal the metal luster. The cleaned solder should generally be soldered within 4h, otherwise it should be cleaned again.

Aluminum case battery/cylindrical battery will also be cleaned at the injection port before the liquid injection is completed and laser welding is sealed, generally chemical cleaning will be carried out. In order to avoid leakage or omission to the battery interior during the cleaning process, the cleaning solvent will generally choose DMC, which will not precipitate other impurities during the process of adding. The amount to be added each time should be consistent and should not be repeatedly added or omitted.

Quantitative cleaning pump
For the aluminum case battery/cylindrical battery, the problem of quantitative addition of cleaning agent to the injection port, Guangzhou Ascend company technical team has done a lot of testing and verification, and put forward the corresponding solutions. The main use of special precision ceramic FSH-MIC micro spot liquid pump, to ensure the cleaning fluid in the process of adding accurate, efficient, high-precision.

micro spot liquid pump

Guangzhou Ascend FSH-MIC micro spot liquid pump in the quantitative addition of cleaning agent technical advantages are reflected in the following aspects:
1. high purity ceramics, highly polished, so that no impurities will precipitate during the process of adding.

2. high precision and accuracy (down to within 0.3%), high consistency and uniformity.

3. addition volume from μL level to mL level.

4. fast speed, high liquid addition efficiency, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance.

5. high return on investment, service life of 5-10 years or more, very few wearing parts, very low maintenance costs, simple operation and maintenance.

6. professional design, easy to integrate with other production line equipment system.

Guangzhou Ascend Precision Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in fluid precision control systems and solutions, serving not only the vast majority of customers in the top 30 of lithium, but also well-known listed companies and multinational companies in the electronics, contact lens, pharmaceutical, medical device, capacitor, biochip, semiconductor industries, and overseas markets have expanded to the United States, Japan, South Korea, Singapore Malaysia, Russia, Sweden, Italy and other regions.

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