Maintenance of chemical metering pump parts

Posted October 15, 2021 by FEISHENG

Chemical metering pumps will be damaged in different degrees during use. If the chemical metering pump is not repaired in time, it may cause the process to stagnate.

1. Overhaul of mechanical seal of chemical metering pump

When overhauling the mechanical seal of chemical metering pumps, first use special tools to correctly remove the dynamic and static rings of the mechanical seal, and check the wear of the end face. All pump rotors with mechanical seals should be dynamically or statically balanced regardless of the power. test.

In order to ensure that the seal of the chemical metering pump does not leak, the dynamic and static surfaces of the chemical Li Jianbo can be pressed on the bench work platform, and water is poured for a leakage test. If the static water does not leak, the surface roughness and flatness of the sealing surface are consistent. Require. The deviation of the verticality of the end face during installation is not more than 0.015 mm.

chemical metering pump part

After installation, the axial movement of the shaft is not more than 0.45 mm. It should be emphasized that after the mechanical seal is installed as required, the machine must be cranked and the cooling water part must be checked for reliability to prevent leakage or damage to the end face of the machine seal after rotation.

2. Overhaul of impeller and rotor of chemical metering pump

Commonly used corrosion-resistant chemical pumps are mostly single-stage impellers or single-stage double-suction rotors. When overhauling chemical metering pumps, first check the appearance of the impeller and clean it. Whether it is replacing spare parts to install a new impeller, or cleaning the old impeller, static balance should be done after reinstallation, and dynamic balance should be done if necessary. The allowable bending of the shaft diameter of the rotor part should not be greater than 0.013mm, the maximum bending of the low-speed shaft should be less than 0.07 mm, and the maximum bending of the high-speed shaft should be less than 0.04 mm.

3. Overhaul of the static sealing part of the chemical metering pump

The static seal part of the chemical metering pump includes the split joint surface of the pump body, the joint surface of the bearing gland and the bearing box, the joint of the lubricating oil system, the flange of the inlet and outlet pipes, etc. The chemical metering pump cannot be operated. For the sealing of the above parts, as long as the suitable adhesive and gasket are selected according to the medium, no leakage can be guaranteed.

4. Maintenance of the dynamic sealing part of the chemical metering pump

The dynamic seal of the centrifugal pump refers to the seal of the impeller orifice ring. Generally, the radius direction should be controlled at 0.20~0.45 mm. If the clearance is too small, it is difficult to turn the car after assembly; if the clearance is too large, it is easy to cause vibration of the chemical metering pump. The radial direction of the clearance between the sleeve and the ring is generally 0.2~0.6 mm.

5. Overhaul of coupling of chemical metering pump

Rigid couplings of chemical metering pumps are generally used on centrifugal pumps with lower power. First, remove the connecting bolts and rubber elastic rings during maintenance. For liquids with low temperature, the plane clearance of the two couplings is 2.2~ 4.2 mm, when the temperature is high, it should be greater than the forward displacement 1.55~2.05 mm.

The above is the maintenance methods of chemical metering pump parts. If the chemical metering pump parts are damaged, they need to be replaced in time. In actual work, the maintenance of chemical metering pumps is essential.

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